Kept up with your culture? Take the 2014 quiz

Art quiz of the year

Published 18 December 2014

Here at the RA, we’re keen to make sure you’re getting your recommended annual intake of art. Find out now!

  • How did you do?

    Congratulations, reader – culture is clearly pivotal to your life! You must be a treat at dinner parties. We’re coming to you to write next year’s quiz.

    Well done! You clearly know your art trivia – but there’s still room for improvement in 2015. We’re perfectionists here at the RA.

    You dabble, but you have more to gain from art my friend. Schedule in plenty of cultural enrichment in 2015.

    Oh dear art fan, where have you been? Perhaps art has been edged out of your schedule in 2014, but you can always turn things around in the new year. We’re here for you – check out our 2015 programme.

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