William Hogarth, The Stage-Coach, or the Country Inn Yard

The Stage-Coach, or the Country Inn Yard, 1747

William Hogarth (1697 - 1764)

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Engraving by William Hogarth, published soon after the 1747 election, wehich was advertised as 'representing A Country Inn Yard at Election Time'. Paulson explains at length the complex humour and allusions contained within the print, particularly the context provided by (Hogarth's friend) Henry Fielding's contemporary political pamphlet A Dialogue between a Gentleman of London, Agent for two Court Candidates, and an Honest Alderman of the Country Party. At the same time, Paulson suggests that the speed with which the print was published after the election meant that Hogarth was probably working on a picture of country inn, into which he inserted topical political references at short notice. Paulson goes on to suggest that this says something more about British politics at the time: 'there is finally no way of avoiding the fact that the composition renders the Election marginal, 'in the background' so to speak, suggesting that the English are too preoccupied with their own petty day-to-day doings to take an interest in politics at a moment of actual crisis'.

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The Stage-Coach, or the Country Inn Yard
William Hogarth (1697 - 1764)
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207 mm x 297 mm

Royal Academy of Arts
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Hogarth's prints. Vol. I. - [s.l.]: [n.d.]

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