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Domitian's Palace, Palatine, Rome, Cast of corner of cornice from the Aula Regia

Cast of corner of cornice from the Aula Regia, late 18th century

From: Domitian's Palace, Palatine, Rome

RA Collection: Art

On free display in The Dorfman Architecture Court

The cast shows a portion of a carefully-decorated cornice which was found in the Aula Regia (the main public room) of the imperial palace on the Palatine Hill in Rome. The palace was commissioned by the Emperor Domitian and planned by his architect Rabirius between 81 and 92.

The Farnese family conducted excavations on their property on the Palatine in the early 18th century. From 1745-1750 many of the finds were drawn by Giovanni Battista Piranesi still in situ. Thereafter, some of the finer pieces were taken to the Farnese palace. The object from which this cast was made remained at the Palatine whereas two other fragments of the same cornice were taken to the Palazzo Farnese.

Another cast in the RA Collection, 12/2321, shows a different corner of the same cornice.

Object details

Cast of corner of cornice from the Aula Regia
late 18th century
Object type
Cast Sculpture
Plaster cast

33 cm x 59 cm x 26 cm, Weight: 20 kg

Royal Academy of Arts
Object number

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