Sir Henry Raeburn RA, Boy and Rabbit

Boy and Rabbit, ca. 1814

Sir Henry Raeburn RA (1756 - 1823)

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Henry Raeburn lived and worked in Edinburgh, and was the leading Scottish portrait painter of his day. Although he aspired in his portraits to the lofty performances of his predecessor Sir Joshua Reynolds, his style was closer to his contemporary, Sir Thomas Lawrence.

The sitter, Henry Raeburn Inglis, was the son of Raeburn’s stepdaughter and a great favourite with the painter. He is shown placing a protective arm around his pet rabbit as he feeds it dandelion leaves. The boy’s proximity to the picture plane and Raeburn’s broad handling of the landscape suggests a familiarity and ease which would have been more restrained in a commissioned portrait. It also allows Raeburn to demonstrate his virtuoso handling of paint, particularly evident in the treatment of the boy’s shirt.

Object details

Boy and Rabbit
Sir Henry Raeburn RA (1756 - 1823)
ca. 1814
Object type
Oil on canvas

1030 mm x 793 mm x 25 mm

Royal Academy of Arts
Object number
Diploma Work given by Sir Henry Raeburn RA accepted 1816

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