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William Strudwick

RA Collection: People and Organisations

Photographer and author of The art of Photographic Etching. William Strudwick (1834-1910) provided the image of the Water Gate of York House to the Society for Photographing relics of Old London which they published in 1882. Alfred Marks, the Secretary for the Society describes him as Mr Strudwick of West Dulwich.

Resident at a series of addresses in South London, Strudwick seems to have been active as a photographer from 1860, documenting the Lambeth riverside prior to the constuction of the embankment, at which time he probably photographed the image which was eventually used by S.P.R.O.L. Pritchard (A Directory of London Photographers 1841-1908) lists Strudwick as having a studio in Wardrobe Chambers, Qn Victoria St in 1882, although by this time, according to photoLondon, he was also working as an artist and later in 1890 as a broadsheet poet. Strudwick died in the Croydon Workhouse Infirmary in 1910.

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