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Virtue & Company Limited

RA Collection: People and Organisations

Book and print publishing firm founded by George Virtue (1794-1868) in the 1820s. In 1848 acquired 'The Art Union' which became 'The Art Journal'. In 1855 James Sprent Virtue (1829-1892), who had been working in the New York branch since 1848, took over his father's business and initiated the series of prints after great 'galleries' of pictures including the Royal Collection, Vernon Collection and the Turner Collection. In 1862 another business was opened at 1 Amen Corner, under the name of Virtue Brothers & Company. In 1865, a younger brother, William Alexander Virtue, became a partner in the family's City Road and Ivy Lane businesses. The brothers were also proprietors of Arthur Hall, Virtue & Co. [source: The British Museum Collections online; DNB].

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