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Zsófia Margit (b. 1985)

Zsófia Margit (b.1985. Targu-Mures, Romania) previously studied at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts Budapest, Hungary.

Margit’s work is based on observations about the world, the intimate domestic spaces and objects that surround her daily, the minutiae of life. Coming from the tradition of still life painting she is interested in how she can expand the field of painting and examines what painting is and how it can operate as part of our 3D world.

After a long time spent with the very familiar surroundings it starts to turn into something else, showing a different often unnoticed side. Spaces fold and unfold, flat things turn into 3D and 3D things collapse into flat abstracted forms. She’s interested in how these trompe l’oeil paintings can turn into objects themselves and how she can create an environment with paintings. Painterly surfaces and materiality are of great interest to her.


Born: 1985

RA Schools student from 2014 to 2017

Gender: Female

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