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Walter Hege (1893 - 1955)

RA Collection: People and Organisations

Photographer and cameraman. 1893-1955. Born in Naumburg Germany, Hege attended evenings classes held by Hugo Erfurth in Dresden and later studied at the Weimar Art School. After photographing and publishing photographs of Naumberg and Bamberg Cathedrals ca.1927, Hege photographed the Acropolis in 1929. The images were published by Deutscher Kunstverlag, in Die Akropolis in 1930. Hege’s later photographs of Olympia, were published by Sidgwick and Jackson in Olympia in 1936.


Born: 1893 in Naumburg, Germany

Died: 1955

Nationality: German

Gender: Male

Works by Walter Hege in the RA Collection

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