Tintoretto (1518/19 - 1594)

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Jacopo Tintoretto was born in Venice in 1519, and became the most prolific painter working in the city during the latter part of the 16th century. After receiving recognition in 1548 with a work commissioned by the Scuola Grande di S. Marco, Tintoretto left his mark on the city in the form of extensive decorations for the Doge’s Palace (1564–7) and the Scuola Grande di S. Rocco (1575–88). He also painted portraits of many prominent Venetians.

Tintoretto died in Venice in 1594, and is only recorded as having left Venice once, when he travelled to nearby Mantua to execute a commission in 1580. As a result he epitomizes Venetian art of the 16th century. Tintoretto’s distinctive style, characterized by a speed and lack of conventional finish, was controversial during his lifetime but has been the source of fascination and inspiration for more recent artists.


Born: 1518/19

Died: 1594

Gender: Male

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