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Praxiteles (fl. ca. 400 BC-300 BC)

RA Collection: People and Organisations

The Greek sculptor Praxiteles (c.400 BC–330 BC) was wealthy and well-documented in literary sources in comparison with his contemporaries, giving valuable insight into the status of great artists in Classical Athens. His statues were particularly admired by the Romans and many were removed to Rome.

None of Praxiteles’ original work survives, apart from the disputed Hermes Carrying the Infant Dionysus in Olympia. A cast of the head of Hermes from this statue is in the RA collection. Several more of Praxiteles’ works can be reconstructed from Roman copies, however, with some attributions dating back to the 18th century.


Born: fl. ca. 400 BC-300 BC

Nationality: Greek

Gender: Male

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