Mohammed Adel (b. 1997)

Mohammed Adel (b.1997) is a London based painter. He is interested in making large scale works that incorporates Islamic, Bengali/South Asian and personal imagery into a painterly language that utilises composition, light, softness and a balance between abstraction and representation to construct scenes, instilling stillness, beauty and questioning. He is inspired by ideas of personal, impersonal, remembrance, memory, forgetting and norms.

Adel received his BA from Camberwell University of Arts London and is currently going into his postgraduate at The Royal Academy.

Mohammed has exhibited most recently with Jhaveri Contemporary (2023), Brighton Art Festival (2023), twice at French Riviera Gallery (2022, 2022), Art Bypass Gallery (2022), The Factory Project (2021).


Current RA Schools student

Born: 1997 in London

RA Schools student from 2023 to 2026

Gender: Male

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