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Maria de Lima (b. 1985)

Maria de Lima (b.1985, Recife, Brazil) studied at Camberwell College of Art before going on to complete an MA in Fine Art at Royal Academy Schools in 2015. De Lima’s practice moves across a range of media, spanning painting, video, print and sculpture, which are pivoted on explorations of colour and perception. Recurring motifs play a big part in her practice, in particular the arch, weaving in generic space delineated by its form with particularity of place, often conjured in the use of specific colours.

Recent shows include A Union of Voices at Horatio Jr, London, Concientia: Latin American Consciousness at Lloyds Club, London, and Macy Dott at Scawfell Street, London, following a three month residency. De Lima was awarded the Peter Rippon New York Travel Scholarship in 2014.


Born: 1985 in Brazil

RA Schools student from 2012 to 2015

Gender: Female

Contact information:


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