Julie Born Schwartz (b. 1981)

Julie Born Schwartz (b.1981, Chicago, USA, raised in Denmark) previously studied at Goldsmiths, University of London.

Beginning with periods of extensive research and thorough engagement with a social context, particular situation or material which strikes her, Born Schwartz’s practice is focused on constructing large-scale narratives. Often interwoven with an object or a photograph from her own personal life, these narratives evolve together over long periods of time. They find their form in film installations.

For the Schools Show, Born Schwartz presented a film installation called Love has no reason (2014), based on her interviews and observations of an acting teacher in New York who works with Shakespeare text and special hand-made masks from Bali. The masks are made from his own drawings, made from photographs of people. Born Schwartz went back to New York after ten years to find out more about his belief of putting images into an object.

Love has no reason (2014) was the first film work to be acquired by the RA Collection.


Born: 1981 in Chicago

RA Schools student from 2011 to 2014

Gender: Female

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