Joel Wyllie

Joel Wyllie (b.1986, London, UK) previously studied fine art at the University of the West of England. Wyllie finds fantastical artefacts which are moulded and lifted out of a chaotic accumulation of memories and objects. The things he present look foreign. Seductively exotic and with an anxious undercurrent of threat, the visuals often feel violent whilst simultaneously beautiful.

The land described in this new series of works appear apocalyptic; mutated forms move amongst nuclear red-hot overgrown landscapes, and organic and mechanic forms become fused in a confusing web of ornamentation gone feral. The systems, patterns and formulae embedded within the imagery also mirror Wyllie’s perception of his own reality, where cause and effect strictly operates within one system, and all events are pre-determined.


RA Schools graduate

RA Schools student from 2012 to 2015

Gender: male

Born: 1986

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