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Jessy Jetpacks (b. 1987)

Jessy Jetpacks (b. 1987 Dubai, UAE) previously studied art at Winchester School of Art.

A maximalist in referencing and emotional registers, Jetpacks works across many mediums, most recently focusing on video, digital works, virtual reality, music, and 3D printing. Her work is poignant, provocative and engaging, with a dark sense of humour and a sometime belligerent vulnerability. Themes and interests range from the global political to the fundamental and private human condition – advocacy, poetry, and philosophy all finding their place.

Subverting polemical binaries, Jetpacks explores these themes with sensitivity, finding humour and intrigue within the ouroboros-like metastructures, never wholly consistent or complete, which underpin any narrative of reality. Consistently challenging and forward-thinking, Jetpack’s parodies of popular/internet culture and the modern relationships forged within it are always accessible and always evocative.

In 2017 Jetpacks collaborated with HTC Vive on Virtually Real, creating works of art in virtual reality that, in a world-first, were then brought to life through 3D printing.


Born: 1987

RA Schools student from 2014 to 2017

Gender: Female

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