Jame St Findlay (b. 1994)

Jame St Findlay (b: 1994, Scotland) previously studied at Edinburgh College of Art. St Findlay’s work tends to be centric to themes of collapse, a skewing of the quotidian, cosplaying as the late-capitalist heterosexual everyman, and humour as a tonic for misery.

Working from a queer perspective, societally conditioned notions of hyper-normality are unpacked, interrogated, and bent to breaking point within St Findlay’s practice of film, sound, sculpture, and image making. For the characters in St Findlay’s film work, reality often loses it’s meaning, it disintegrates, becomes möbius and bleeds into itself, creating in its wake a kind of timeless space, a clock without numbers is just a circle after all.


Current RA Schools student

Born: 1994 in Scotland

RA Schools student from 2021 to 2024

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