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Jacques Onfoy de Bréville (1858 - 1931)

RA Collection: People and Organisations

Count Jacques Marie Gaston Onfroy de Bréville. Artist and children’s book illustrator, known by the pen name ‘Job’ after his initials.

He joined the École des beaux-arts and exhibited at the 1886 ‘Salon des artistes français’, receiving a mixed reception. He then began a career as an illustrator, contributing caricatures to La Caricature and to La Lune.

However, he is best known for his illustrations for children’s books, most frequently for texts by Georges Montorgueil [psued. of Octave Lebesgue].

Several of his illustrations appear in La Vieille Garde impériale (1932) by Alfred Mame and fils de Tours.

His best known works are Murat, Le Grand Napoléon des petits enfants, Jouons à l‘histoire, Louis XI, Napoléon, Bonaparte and Les Gourmandises de Charlotte. He also illustrated the life of George Washington and was well known in the United States.


Born: 25 November 1858 in Bar-le-Duc

Died: 15 September 1931

Nationality: French

Gender: Male

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