Ilze Aulmane

Ilze Aulmane (b. 1982, Riga, LV) previously studied at the Art Academy of Latvia. Ilze is a multidisciplinary artist exploring any idea that suddenly claims itself of immense importance in combination of personal and universal scales.

Ilzes work often incorporates and combines elements of installation, performance, musical improvisation, painting, sculpture, photo and video. Painterly qualities like color, it’s a materiality and its interrelationships between different shades, like warmth and coolness, human touch, movement and bodily presence, images of imagination and documentation, products of sound or silence, and all of mentioned above abidance in the space is material basis for the work.

In her work Ilze responds to diverse encountered material - starting from children art exuberance, mass media by-products, human existence weirdness and the profundity of an eternal dialogue of existential matters.


Current RA Schools student

RA Schools student from 2021 to 2024

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