Hannah Bays (b. 1982)

Interested in human drives and the construction of meaning in our lives, recent work has focused on desire - both as a motivational force and something also open to manipulation.

Notions of the body and its discontents underpin much of the work, with the alienated body often depicted in symbolic shorthand or through the anthropomorphism of inanimate objects.

There is a push and pull between the abstract and figurative, the symbolic and the purely formal, with an insistence on spontaneous painterly gesture, or ‘affirmation’.

Bays has work in the Jerwood, Hiscox and Soho House collections; was a Creekside Open 2019 prize winner; a Jerwood Purchase Prize winner, 2014; and received the Agnes Ethel Mackay travel award, 2015.


Born: 1982 in London

RA Schools student from 2012 to 2015

Gender: Female

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