Gusty Ferro (b. 1988)

Gusty Ferro is a cross-disciplinary artist whose work explores the relationship between architecture and the body, as well as the materiality of mundane objects, urban infrastructure and displacement. Their practice spans sound, sculpture, video, drawing and installation. A brutalist sensitivity to texture and material run through many of the sculptural works - concrete and stone meet metal, plastic and paper in writhing, contorted loops. These contorted loops are not only found within the forms of Gusty’s sculptural works, but also in their post-industrial techno soundscapes to be experienced alongside. There is a dark, sombre thread that runs through every aspect of their practice, the sculptures often appear as aggressive and unwelcoming, the sound is often harsh and sinister, yet the construction of spaces through installation work has an inherent element of play to it, offsetting the dark with light.

Gusty will graduate from the Royal Academy Schools postgraduate programme in 2025. A former student from the fine arts roaming programme School of the Damned, Gusty participated in several international residencies and had solo shows in Brazil and Scotland. In the last few years they have been living between Glasgow, Blackpool, São Paulo and London.


Current RA Schools student

Born: 1988 in Santos

Nationality: Brazilian, Spanish

RA Schools student from 3 October 2022 to 31 July 2025

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