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Giampietrino (fl. 1508-1549)

RA Collection: People and Organisations

An Italian painter strongly influenced by Leonardo da Vinci, his full name is Giovanni Pietro Rizzoli and he was believed to have been present in Leonardo’s studio before the end of the 15th century, possibly from the mid-1490s. This is based on the name ‘Gian Pietro’ being among Leonardo’s list of pupils in his manuscript book ‘Codex Atlanticus’.

Surviving paintings connected with Giampietrino, including the RA’s copy of Leonardo’s Last Supper, are dated to the period between 1510 and 1530. These include works in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York and the National Gallery, London, and their similarities to works by Leonardo suggest a relationship with him during his second Milanese period (mid-1508–1513). While he is best-known today as a follower of Leonardo, Giampietrino’s work was itself often copied.


Born: fl. 1508-1549

Gender: Male

Works associated with Giampietrino in the RA Collection

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