Gery Georgieva

Gery Georgieva previously studied Fine Art/History of Art at Goldsmiths College.

Georgieva’s work encompasses video, performance, multimedia installations and occasional musical collaborations (under her stage name Vera Modena).

Creating lo-fi assemblages and film sets in her studio for performative to-camera improvisations, she uses the immediacy of her own body as material to consider the construction of authenticity, taste and belonging. DIY glamour and an elaborate layering of references across costume, props and set create an ambiguous cultural vernacular often rooted in pop music, showbiz and traditional folk heritage. Revealing moments that capture the promise of empowerment, often constructed and filtered through multifarious layers of digital appropriation and mainstream manipulation, Georgieva examines how we configure and re-configure our cultural identities.


RA Schools student from 2013 to 2016

Gender: Female

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