Divine Southgate-Smith (b. 1995)

Divine Southgate-Smith (b. 1995, Lome, Togo) is a British trans-disciplinary artist. Raised between Paris and London, she studied at the Royal Academy of Arts, London, 2019-2023.

Southgate-Smith has developed a practice comprising film, text, spoken word, performance, sound, installation, sculpture, furniture design, and 3D rendering. Her work often references and questions articulations of black, queer, and female experience. She navigates hypothetical spaces where things are abstracted, contextualised, de-contextualised, omitted, revealed, voiced, or silenced.

Through questioning the traditional equation between sight and understanding - she invites us to observe and question the relationship between visual representation, stereotyping, oppression, position (societal and political), and empowerment.

Her approach to art-making is medium non-specific, allowing her to explore complex narratives through various mediums and disciplines. Southgate-Smith’s practice relies on research, hence, she deals with literature, music, intersectional discourse, and archive material as a source of inspiration and creation.


Born: 1995

RA Schools student from 2019 to 2022

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