David Croal Thomson (1855 - 1930)

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David Croal Thompson (1855-1930) was an Edinburgh-born art dealer and critic, based mainly in London. He managed the London branch of the Goupil Gallery, (1885-1897); he was a partner at Agnew’s, (1898-1908) and was with The French Gallery in Pall Mall, 1909-1918. Croal Thomson was also President of the Fine Arts Provident Institution from 1911-1916, before becoming the proprietor of Barbizon House which he ran from 1918-1924 in partnership with his son Lockett Thomson. He was an influential critic, biographer and journalist. His contribution to art related magazines was considerable. He was editor of the Art Journal from 1892 to 1902. His much-famed magazine, Barbizon House: illustrated record, commenced in 1919 and depicted a large amount of the artworks covering all periods that were shown in his gallery. In his capacity as a dealer as well as a critic and editor for the Year’s Art and the Art Journal, he was in regular contact with leading artists, dealers and art historians.


Born: 1855

Died: 1930

Gender: Male

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