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Catinca Malaimare (b. 1996)

RA Collection: People and Organisations

A blank screen for my fantasies. To load you with my images.

Tenderness heralds a foreplay aesthetic in the much larger surrogate body of the system master, and, is exasperated by the simplification of a playtime symptom in a “human-centred” understanding of technologies of affect.

Pollution speaks a lot about where we are now technologically and why seizing a technology rather than the digital culture it was intended for becomes a gateway. Repulsion by light is very intrusive, completely visually invasive. This technological environment is the generator I get to carry around. (the overheated laptop)

(for a blue screen)

I am the system master. Going to stand-by. Provides smoothness against the dirt of reality. [artsits’ statement]


Current RA Schools student

Born: 1996 in Romania

RA Schools student from 2018 to 2020

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