Ariane Schick (b. 1984)

Ariane Schick (b.1984, Ashford, England) previously studied at the Beaux Arts in Paris. Schick uses image, sculpture, text and sound to reference fictional spaces that frame impassive female protagonists.

Places become backdrops. Character and place are represented as polymorphous, schizophrenic and sometimes interchangeable. Their instability in turn creates visually diverse work, that allows slit-like views and sensual shortcuts to interiority fused with environment.

Her work explores our subconscious social experiences. Through a varied practice that combines print, moving image and sculpture, her work activates muscle memory by engaging the viewer’s emotions, memories and desires, both learned and programmed.


Born: 1984 in Ashford

RA Schools student from 2011 to 2014

Gender: Female

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