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Amanda Kyritsopoulou (b. 1989)

Amanda Kyritsopoulou (born 1989, Athens, Greece), studied Fine Art & History of Art in Goldsmiths University, London. She will graduate from the Royal Academy Schools in 2020.

Amanda makes sculptures, often accompanied with installation, video, photography and sound elements interrogating ideas of control, support, training, DIY cultures, artificiality and the body.

Borrowing from the aesthetic languages of popular pedagogy, product design, sports, wellness, recreational Internet and various arenas of melding work and leisure, she is attempting to trace questions like: ‘How do we learn?’ ‘What is it to train and be trained?’ ‘What are the boundaries between a learning/knowing subject and a learning/knowing object in the instance of their encounters and everyday bodily exchanges?’


Current RA Schools student

Born: 1989 in Athens

RA Schools student from 2017 to 2020

Visit Amanda Kyritsopoulou (b. 1989)'s website