Adele Morse

Morse’s work usually takes the form of large scale installations consisting of sound pieces, video, found objects, and sculptural elements. Her work reaches out of the art world and drags events and problems from other worlds back into the gallery via a research-based practice.

Morse usually works on two projects simultaneously dealing with weighty issues such as evolution, hierarchical thinking, anthropology, celebrity, scientific debates/advances, and new discoveries including contrasting depictions in all forms of media.

These ways of thinking and associated conventions are anchored around an often absurd central idea or series of events. Working with a broad spectrum of experts and enthusiasts she takes on various roles, more recently including an 18-day expedition to the Sumatran jungle in search of an undiscovered species of ape as a cryptozoologist, and a slew of public appearances as a “celebrity” in Russia.

Obsessively documenting everything and gathering the effects of her work on these subjects she then goes on to drag all of this information into one space or a series of objects. This creates a cross-pollination of old ideas, that structurally support new ones. These ideas then transform again as they travel back into the various worlds they were influenced by creating a kind of self-oiling machine.


RA Schools student from 2009 to 2012

Gender: Female

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