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Veües de Rome Et Des Environs.

RA Collection: Book

Record number



A Paris: chez Mariette rüe St. Iacques a la Victoire, [ca.1700?]

Physical Description

Pl. [1-10] (incl. t.-pl.), 1-6, [17-22]; 290×382 mm. (Oblong)

Responsibility Note

The plates numbered 1-6 are signed as drawn by I. Asselin and engraved by Pérelle, except pl. 5, which is unsigned. Each numbered plate carries the publisher's imprint of Nicolas Langlois. The sixteen unnumbered plates are all signed as made by Pérelle, except pl. [2, 4, 21], which are unsigned. Each unnumbered plate carries the publisher's imprint - generally that of Mariette, but pl. [2] has that of N. Langlois.


N. Avel, 'Les Pérelle: graveurs de paysages du XVIIème siècle', in Bull. Soc. Hist. A. Fr. (1973), p. 143-53; N. Avel, Les Pérelle, paysages, catalogue [dissertation] (Paris, 1971).

Summary Note

No publication-date is carried either by the title-plate or any other plate. The plates are all views, with no plans or sections. They show a mixture of ancient, Renaissance and Baroque structures: [1] title-plate; [2] Place De St. Pierre; [3] Pont St. Ange; [4] Nouveau Capitole; [5] Arc de Septimius Severe; [6] Arc de Constantin; [7] Arc du Constantin et Colisee; [8] Colisée; [9] Termes de Diocletian; [10] Septizone; 1. Grotte d'Aquafarelle; 2. Mur dit Aquaduc proche la Porte St. Paul; 3. Colisée; 4. Colisée ou amphitheatre de Marcellus; 5. Palais maior; 6. Trophées de Marius; [17-21] Vigne Pamphile; [22] Fonteine de Tyvoli.


Acquired between 1769 and 1802. Recorded in RAA Library, Catalogue, 1802.

Binding Note

20th-century half morocco, brown cloth-covered boards; spine lettered 'Veues Des Plus Beaux Bastimens De France. R.A.' Bound with one other.


Architecture - Antiquities - Monuments - Italy - Rome - History
Views - Vedute - 17th century
Pictorial works - 17th century


Gabriel Pérelle, engraver
Jan Asselijn, draughtsman
Jean Mariette, publisher, bookseller
Nicolas Langlois the younger, publisher