Trattato delle Piante & Immaginj de Sacri Edifizi di Terra Santa Disegnate in Ierusalemme secondo le regole della Prospettiua, & uera misura della lor grandezza Dal R.P.F. Bernardino Amico da Gallipoli dell'Ord. di S. Francesco de Minori osseruantj Stampate in Roma e di nuouo ristampate dalli stesso Autore in piu piccola forma, aggiuntoui la strada dolorosa, & altre figure

Bernardino Amico author draughtsman

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Bernardino Amico, author, draughtsman


In Firenza: Appresso Pietro Cecconcelli Alle Stelle Medicee con licenza de superri., 1620.

Physical Description

[8], 65 [i.e. 153], [1] p., engr. t.-pl.: 47 [i.e. 46] illus.; 280 mm. (Folio.)

General Note

The illustrations are numbered 1-47, but there is none numbered '42'. In some copies illustration no. 19 is misnumbered '21'. Most illustrations are double-page. Most are backed by letter-press text, but they are not included in the page-numbering. In some copies the eight unnumbered pages (carrying the dedic., pref., printer's address and licence) are bound in in a different order. There was also an issue of the prints without letter-press text.


[Engr. t.-pl., dedic.] - Prefatione - A' Benigni Lettori Lo Stampatore - [Licence for 1st. ed., dated 1609] - [Text, in 47 chapters, with 47 illus.] - Esortatione A Qvelli Che Desiderano Visitare Li Sudetti Santi Luoghi - [Colophon].

Responsibility Note

The illustrations are unsigned. They are etched and engraved by Jacques Callot after drawings by Amico.

Headpieces and tailpieces are unsigned.

The edition is dedicated by Fra Bernardino Amico to Cosimo Secondo Gran Duca Di Toscana (dated '20. di Nouembre 1619').


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On the buildings and their visitors see: F.E. Peters, Jerusalem: the Holy City in the eyes of chroniclers, visitors, pilgrims (1985); N. Schur, Jerusalem in pilgrims' and travellers' accounts: a thematic bibliography (1980).

Summary Note

The publication-date of 1620 is given on the title-plate, but the colophon carries the date 1619: 'In Firenze M.DC.XIX. Per Il Cecconcelli ...'. The Trattato was first published in 1609, with engravings by Tempesta. For this, second edition 'in piu piccola forma' there are new engravings by Callot, numbered 1-47, accompanied by 47 short chapters of explanatory text.

The descriptions result from Bernardino Amico's visit to the Holy Places in 1593-8. The two buildings to which he devotes most space - the Church of the Nativity at Bethlehem and that of the Resurrection at Jerusalem - were both commissioned in the fourth century by Emperor Constantine I, restored in the sixth by Justinian I and modified subsequently.

The illustrations show plans, elevations, sections and views of buildings and two city views. Nos. 1-12 show Bethlehem (church of the Nativity); no. 13 'Matarea in Egitto'; nos. 14-47 Jerusalem - the Upper Room on Mt. Sion (14, 15), house of Annas (16), house of Caiaphas (17), palace of Pilate and Via Dolorosa (18-20), the Church of the Resurrection, or 'Santissimo Sepolcro' (22-33), church of the Ascension (34), temple of Solomon (35), church of the birth of SS. James and John (36), church of the martyrdom of S. James (37), church at the house of Joachim and Anna (38, 39), church and sepulchre of the Blessed Virgin (40-43), view of modern Jerusalem (44), view of ancient Jerusalem (45), tombs of the kings (46, 47).


The British Library's copy has been microfilmed.


Purchased for RA Library in 1880 (see RA Annual Report for 1880, p. 41).

Copy Note

Endpaper facing inscribed in ink, in an unknown hand, 'Renouard Catalogue de la Bibliotheque d'un amateur Tome 4. page 47'. Front pastedown inscribed in ink in an unknown hand, '1694 Di Pietro Salvetti & 364 - '.

Binding Note

17th-century vellum; spine inscribed in ink, 'Edifizi Di Terra Santa' and 'Firenze 1620', and stamped 'R.A.'


Architecture, Roman - Churches - Basilicas - Martyria - Palestine - Israel - Jerusalem - Church of the Resurrection - Bethlehem - Church of the Nativity - History - Romanesque
Treatises - Plans - Sections - Elevations - Views - Italy - 17th century
Pictorial works - 17th century