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The works of Mr. Alexander Pope. Volume II.

Alexander Pope

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Half-title: The Works of Mr. Alexander Pope. Vol. II.


London: printed by J. Wright, for Lawton Gilliver at Homer's Head in Fleetstreet, MDCCXXXV

Physical Description

[16], 10-71, [1], 8-27, [1], 40-78, [5], 4-87, [3], 4-14, 19, 1-219 p. : ill. ; 29 cm.

General Note

Title page in red and black. Title vignette: bust portrait of Pope by William Kent
Vol. 1 was "printed for J. Tonson and B. Lintot in quarto and folio in the year 1717" -- The author to the reader, leaf A4r.
Errata on final page.
"Directions to the binder to place the poems" on first leaf.


The author to the reader -- Ethic epistles to Henry St. John, L. Bolingbroke, written in the year 1732 -- The Design -- The Contents -- Epistle I: Of the nature and state of man, with respect to the universe -- Epistle II: Of the nature and state of man, with respect to himself as an individual -- Epistle III: of the nature and state of man, with respect to society -- Epistle IV: Of the nature and state of man, with respect to happiness -- Ethic epistles, the Second Book to several persons -- The contents of the second book: Epistle I: of the knowledge and characters of men, to Sir Richard Temple, Ld. Visct. Cobham -- Epistle II: of the characters of women. To a lady -- Epistle III: of the use of riches, to Allen Lord Bathurst -- Epistle IV: of the same, to Richard, the Earl of Burlington -- Epistle V: to Mr. Addison [Occasion’d by his Dialogues on Medals] -- Epistle VI: to Robert Earl of Oxford, and Earl Mortimer. With Dr. Parnel’s poems -- Epistle VII: to Dr. Artbuthnot -- Satires of Horace imitated. To which are added, Satires of Dr. John Donne, verify’d by the same hand -- Epitaphs by Mr. Pope: Epitaph I: on Sir William Trumbal -- Epitaph II: on Charles Earl of Dorset, in the Church of Knolle in Kent -- Epitaph III: On the Hon. Simon Harcourt, only son of the Lord Chancellor Harcourt: at the Church of Stanton-Harcourt in Oxfordshire, 1720 -- Epitaph IV: Intended for Mr. Rowe in Westminster-Abbey -- Epitaph V: On Mrs. Corbet, who dyed of a cancer in her breast -- Epitaph VI: On the monument of the Hon. Robert Digby, and his sister Mary, erected by their father, the Lord Digby, in the Church of Sherborne in Dorsetshire, 1727 -- Epitaph VII: on Sir Godfrey Kneller, in Westminster Abbey, 1723 -- Epitaph VIII: on General Henry Withers, in Westminster-Abbey, 1729 -- Epitaph IX: On Mr. Elijah Fenton, at Easthamsted in Berks, 1730 -- X: On Mr. Gay, in Westminster-Abbey, 1732 -- XI: Intended for Sir Isaac Newton, in Westminster-Abbey -- The Dunciad in Three Books written in the year 1727 with Notes Variorum, and the Prolegomena of Scriblerus -- A letter to the publisher, occasioned by the first correct edition of the Dunciad -- Arguments to the books -- The Dunciad. Book the First -- The Dunciad. Book the Second -- The Dunciad. Book the Third -- By the Author. A declaration -- Index of Persons celebrated in the Poem -- Martinus Scriblerus, his prolegomena, and notes variorum on the Dunciad -- Appendix: I: preface prefix’d to the five first imperfect editions of the Dunciad, printed at Dublin and London in Octavo and Duod. -- The publisher to the reader -- II: Advertisement to the first correct edition in quarto, London, 1729 -- III: A list of books, papers, and verses, in which our author was abused, before the publication of the Dunciad: with the true names of the authors -- IV: A parallel of the characters of Mr. Dryden and Mr. Pope, as drawn by certain contemporaries -- Index to the Dunciad -- Index of the authors of the notes -- Pieces contained in this book -- Postscript

Notes: Epistle to Lord Bathurst, Ver. 290. To Ward, to Waters, Chartres, and the Devil -- Variations -- Errata


ESTC, T5392
R.H. Griffith, Alexander Pope: a bibliography, (University of Texas Press, 1922-27), 372.


The front pastedown carries the engraved bookplate of William Fowler


William Kent, etcher
Lawton Gilliver, publisher/bookseller

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