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MARC Record view

001 $ 06/2206
003 $ UK-LoRAA
041 0 # $a ita
044 # # $a it
245 0 0 $a Studio D'Architettura Civile sopra gli Ornamenti di Porte e Finestre tratti da alcune Fabbriche insigni di Roma con le misure Piante Modini, e Profili Opera De Piu Celebri Architetti De Nostri Tempi Publicata Sotto Gl'Auspicij Della Sta. Di N.S. Papa Clemente XI. Da Domenico de Rossi erede di Gio: Giac: de Rossi in Roma alla Pace con Privil. del Sommo Pont. e licenza de Sup. L'Anno M.DCCII. Parte Prima
260 # # $c [1702]
300 # # $a 143 f. (of which nos 3, 143 carry letter-press text, and the rest are plates incl. t.pl. and engr. dedic.); $c 465 mm. (Broadsheet.)
500 # # $a Several plates are folded, viz. 9, 15-20, 31, 43, 63-5, 71, 98, 108.
505 0 # $a [T.pl., engr. dedic.] - A Gli Amatori Delle Belle Arti Domenico De Rossi - [Plates] - Catalogo Degl'Architetti, E dell'Opere loro contenute in questo Volume Primo.
508 # # $a Plates 1(title-plate), 27 and 68 are unsigned. Most others are signed by both draughtsman and engraver. Draughtsmen were Alessandro Specchi or Carlo Quadri; engravers were Alessandro Specchi, Antonio Barbey, Francesco Bartoli, Carlo Al(l)et or Pietro Santi Bartoli. The engraved dedication is signed as drawn and engraved by Alessandro Specchi, with the script engraved by Barbey. Almost all plates carry the publisher's imprint of Domenico de' Rossi.
510 0 # $a National Gallery of Art (Washington), Mark J. Millard Architectural, IV (2000), no.110, p.345-51. F. Consagra, 'De Rossi and Falda', in The craft of art, ed. A. Ladis and C. Wood (1995), p.187-203; S. Ciofetta, 'Lo Studio d'architettura civile edito da Domenico de Rossi (1702, 1711, 1721', in In urbe architectus, ed. B. Contardi (1992), p.214-28; A. Gomme, 'Smith and Rossi' in Architectural history, 35 (1992), p.183-8; F. Haskell, The painful birth of the art book (1988), p.8-16; G. Morolli, 'Un saggio di editoria barocca: i rapporti Ferri-De Rossi-Specchi', in Gian Lorenzo Bernini e le arti visive, ed. M. Fagiolo (1987), p.209-40.
520 2 # $a A second part was published in 1711 (on chapels and tombs), and a third in 1721 (on churches, chapels, the palazzo at Caprarola and other buildings). These two later parts owe much to G.G. de Rossi's Insignium Romae Templorum Prospectus (1684) and Disegni Di Vari E Capelle Nelle Chiese Di Roma (ca. 1690); but this first part, with its details of windows and doors, was something of a novelty, possibly reflecting teaching concerns of the Roman schools of architecture. It became widely known, and may well have influenced projects in Britain such as Thomas Archer's work for the Duke of Shrewsbury and Francis Smith's designs for country houses. The plates show structures in chronologic order, with an emphasis on sections and mouldings. The images are all scaled. The architects represented with most images are Michelangelo, Borromini, Bernini and G.A. de Rossi; others included are Antonio da Sangallo, Raphael, Cortona, G. Fontana, C. Fontana, A. Labacco, C. Arcucci, N. Sebregundio, G.M. Baratta, Baciccio, G.B. Crescenti, Domenichino, O. Furiani, C. Rainaldi and Matt. de Rossi. The text of Rossi's address 'A Gli Amatori Delle Belle Arti' includes a list of his firm's publications, updating the 1700 Indice delle stampe.
561 # # $a With the armorial bookplate of 'Thomas Anson Esqre. Shugborough' loosely inserted. Bequeathed from the Library of Sir Edwin Cooper, R.A., 1961.
562 # # $a Between leaf 118 and 119 is loosely inserted a sheet of paper carrying on one side a few numbers in ink and on both sides architectural drawings in pencil.
563 # # $a 20th-century half calf, brown cloth-covered boards; spine lettered 'Studio D'Architettura Civile', 'De Rossi' and '1702'.
600 0 4 $a Michelangelo
600 1 4 $a Borromini
600 1 4 $a Rossi
600 1 4 $a Bernini
653 # # $a Architecture - Architecture details - Doors - Windows - Italy - Rome - History - 16th century - 17th century - Renaissance - Baroque
655 # 0 $a Art history - Pattern books - Plans - Sections - Elevations - Italy - 18th century
655 # 0 $a Pictorial works - Italy - 18th century
700 1 # $a Rossi $e publisher
700 0 # $a Clement XI $e dedicatee
700 1 # $a Specchi $e draughtsman $e engraver
700 1 # $a Barbey $e engraver $e script engraver
700 1 # $a Quadri $e draughtsman
700 1 # $a Bartoli
700 1 # $a Cooper $e previous owner
700 0 # $a Michelangelo $e source artist
700 1 # $a Borromini $e source artist
700 1 # $a Rossi $e source artist
700 1 # $a Bernini $e source artist
700 1 # $a bartoli $e engraver
700 1 # $a Allet $e engraver
700 1 # $a Bartoli $e engraver