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Select Views In Great Britain, Engrav'd by S. Middiman, From Pictures and Drawings by the most eminent Artists. With Descriptions. -

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Publish'd by John & Josiah Boydell,, London: (1784-1813)

Physical Description

[112] p., engr. t.pl., [53] pl.; 203×263 mm.

General Note

The plates carry no plate-numbers but are assigned numbers 1-53 in the accompanying texts and indices.


[Half-t., frontis. (=pl. [1]), engr. t.pl.] - Advertisement - Avertissement - Index Of Names - List of Subjects, where situated, and by whom Painted, &c. - [Plates, and texts].

Responsibility Note

The title-plate is signed as engraved by Shepherd. The 53 views are signed as drawn or painted by G. Barrett, J. Smith, C. Metz, W. Marlow, F. Wheatly, T. Malton, S. Ireland, J. Barrett, E. Edwards, C. Powel(l), S. Middiman, M. Michell, R. Phillips, J. Wathen, W. Payne, S.H. Grim, Lord Duncannon, A. Callender or J.J. Ibbetson. All are signed as engraved by S. Middiman, except pl. [4], which is signed as engraved by W. Watts, and pl. [28] and [32], which are signed as etched by S. Middiman and engraved by W. Ellis.

Plates [1-32] carry the publisher's imprint of S. Middiman; pl. [33-48], that of J. & J. Boydell; pl. [49-53], that of Boydell & Co.

Summary Note

No publication-date is given on the title-plate, but all plates carry publication-dates. Those with the publisher's imprint of S. Middiman (pl. 1-32) have dates ranging from Jan. 1, 1784 to May 25, 1787. Those having the imprint of J. & J. Boydell (pl. 33-48) carry dates ranging from Mar. 1 1788 to Jan. 3, 1792. Those having the imprint of Boydell & Co. (pl. 49-53) all carry the date of Jan. 1 1813.

The half-title reads, 'Middiman's Select Views In Great Britain'.

The descriptive texts are in English and French throughout.

The plates show views across Great Britain, from Windermere (pl. 1) to Folkstone (pl. 28) and from Swansea Bay (pl. 45) to Ben Ism (pl. 50). Many show views of the Lake District.


The verso of the rear loose endpaper is inscribed in pencil, 'S:A:H:', i.e. S.A. Hart, librarian of the Royal Academy 1864-81.

Binding Note

19th-century black morocco, upper and lower covers decorated in blind and in gilt; gilt-decorated spine, lettered, 'Select Views'.

Name as Subject


Landscapes (environments) - Lakes - Mountains - Great Britain - History - 18th century - 19th century
Drawings - Landscapes (representations) - Great Britain - 18th century - 19th century
Views - Great Britain - 18th century - 19th century - Picturesque
Pictorial works - Great Britain - 18th century - 19th century


Samuel Middiman, draughtsman, etcher, engraver, publisher
John Boydell, publisher
Josiah Boydell, publisher
George Barret the younger, draughtsman
Conrad Martin Metz, draughtsman
William Marlow, draughtsman
Francis Wheatley RA, draughtsman
Thomas Malton the younger, draughtsman
Samuel Ireland, draughtsman
J. Barrett, draughtsman
Edward Edwards ARA, draughtsman
C. M. Powell, draughtsman
M. Michell, draughtsman
R. Phillips, draughtsman
James Wathen, draughtsman
William Payne, draughtsman
Samuel Hieronymous Grimm, draughtsman
Frederick Ponsonby, 3rd Earl of Bessborough, draughtsman
A. Callender, draughtsman
Julius Caesar Ibbetson the Elder, draughtsman
J. and J. Boydell (London), publisher
Boydell and Company (London), publisher

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