River Scenery, By Turner And Girtin, With Descriptions By Mrs. Hofland. Engraved by Eminent Engravers, from Drawings by J.M.W. Turner, R.A. And The Late Thomas Girtin.

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London.: Published By W.B. Cooke. 9. Soho Square.

Physical Description

22 p., t.pl., 17, 1 pl., [3 pl. numbered '3', '12', '11']; 375 mm. (Quarto.)

General Note

Each plate is numbered bottom centre, below the caption.


[T.pl.] - [Pl. 1-17, 1, 3] - River Scenery. List Of Plates Contained In The Volume - [Text]; [colophon] - [Pl. 12, 11] - River Scenery. Directions To The Binder [tipped in].

Responsibility Note

The title plate is signed as engraved by Philip Jones. All numbered plates are signed as drawn by J.M.W. Turner R.A. or Thomas Girtin - except the second pl. '3', which is signed as by W. Collins - and are signed as engraved by Thomas Lupton, G.H. Phillips, Charles Turner, W. Say, John Bromley or S.W. Reynolds.

Each carries the publisher's imprint of W.B. Cooke and the date.

The text printer is named in the colophon: 'W. Wilson, Printer, 57, Skinner Street, London'.


L. Herrmann, Turner prints (1990); W.G. Rawlinson, The engraved work of J.M.W. Turner (2 v. 1908-13).

S. Thomas, Thomas Girtin [exhibition catalogue] (1986); F. Hawcroft, Thomas Girtin [exhibition catalogue] (1975); T. Girtin and D. Loshak, The art of Thomas Girtin (1954).

Summary Note

The publication-date of 1827 is carried by the title-plate. The numbered plates carry publication-dates of 1823 Jun 2; 1824 Jan 1, Jul 1, Aug 1; 1825 Mar 1, Jun 1; 1826 Aug 1, Sep 1; 1827 Jan 1, Mar 1.

The 'River Scenery. List Of Plates Contained In The Volume' calls for eighteen plates. There are in fact eighteen plates numbered 1-17, 1 - and a further three plates, numbered '3' (bound in at the end of the main sequence), '12' and '11' (the last two bound in after the colophon). These additional three plates are referred to in the tipped-in Directions To The Binder: 'Plate of Eton, in No. 1., to be cancelled. Ditto of Totnes, in No. IV., to be cancelled. Ditto of Ripon Minster, in No. IV., to be cancelled'.

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Rivers - Waterways - Riverbanks - River towns - Landscapes (environments) - Great Britain - History - 19th century
Drawings - Landscapes (representations) - Great Britain - 19th century
Views - Great Britain - 19th century
Pictorial works - Great Britain - 19th century


J.M.W. Turner RA, source artist, draughtsman
Thomas Girtin, source artist, draughtsman
William Bernard Cooke, publisher
Philip Jones, engraver
Thomas Lupton, engraver
George Henry Phillips, engraver
Charles Turner ARA, engraver
William Say, engraver
John Charles Bromley, engraver
Samuel William Reynolds, engraver
William Collins RA, source artist
Mrs. Barbara Hofland
William Wilson, printer

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