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MARC Record view

001 $ 03/2229
003 $ UK-LoRAA
041 0 # $a fre
044 # # $a fr
245 0 0 $a Recueil D'Estampes Gravées D'Après Les Tableaux du Cabinet De Monseigneur Le Duc De Choiseul par les soins du Sr. Basan
260 # # $c MDCCLXXI $c [1771] $a A Paris $b chés l'Auteur, rue et Hotel Serpente
300 # # $a [2], 12 p., 123 (i.e. 128) pl. (1 dble.), on [126] leaves; $c 256 mm.
500 # # $a Pl. 44, 45 are printed on one leaf, as are pl. 93, 94. There are bis pl. 68, 69, 76, 78, 101.
505 0 # $a [Engr. t.pl., engr. dedic.] - Description [engraved] - [Plates].
508 # # $a The engraved title-plate is signed as made by P.P. Choffard. Most plates carry the name of the source-artist and that of the engraver. The engravers include: Dunker, Masquelier, Wieilh [?], J. Peny, R. Delvaux, Martini, J.P. Le Bas, Binet, P. Maleuvre, Nle. Pruneau, C. Weisbrod, A. Romanet, Germain, C. Baquoy, J. Maillet, R. Daudet, R.S. Bonzeau [?], C.G. Guttenberg, N. De Launay, J. Massard, J.F. Rousseau, L. Halbou, Ingou [?], L.C. Lingée, Leroy, Lienard, N. Ponce, Patas, A. de St. Aubin and Levesque.

The work is dedicated by Basan to the Duc de Choiseul.
510 0 # $a R. Butler, Choiseul (1980); B. Scott, 'The Duc de Choiseul: a Minister in the grand manner', in Apollo, XCVII (1973), p. 42-53; E. Dacier, 'La curiosité au XVIII siècle: Choiseul collectionneur', in Gaz. B.-A., XXXVI (1949), p. 47-74; [J. F. Boileau] Catalogue des tableaux qui composent le cabinet de Mgr le duc de Choiseul et dont la vente se fera le lundi 6 avril 1772 (Paris, 1772).
520 2 # $a Although the title-plate is dated 1771 and some plates carry the dates 1770 or 1771, plates 74, 87, 92 and 113 carry the date 1772. The whole text is engraved.

The plates reproduce paintings by Stalbemt, Breughels, D. Teniers, C. Du Jardin, P. Potter, G. Metzu, G. Terburg, J. Stein, A. van Ostade, Berghem, P. Wouwermans, Ruysdael, Van der Heyden, A. Van der Velde, I. Ostade, Backuysen, G. Van der Velde, B. Breemberg, C. Polemburg, Rembrandt, Deckert, Gerardow, C. van der Werff, Grajp (or Guyp), J. Miel, J. Jordans, Rubens, Van Dyck, Porbus, Schutz, Borzoni, Salvator Rosa, Morillos, Titian, P. Neefs, Le Nain, Vernet, Robert, Claude Lorrain, Raoux, J.B.M. Vien, Pater, Berkheyden, Greuze, Van Mieris.
561 # # $a Probably purchased August 1777 (see RA Treasurer's Account Book 1768-1795, 21 August 1777: 'To Basan for 2 books Collection of Prints £12:12').
562 # # $a Plates 61, 91, 119 and 121 have been pasted in. The front endpaper is inscribed in ink in unidentified hands, 'Colnaghi March 1 1820' and 'Mr Wadmore'. Plate 21 is inscribed in pencil, 'ce tableau appartient aujordhui au Mal de Figue'[?]. A print on card of plate 43 has been loosely inserted among the front endpapers.
563 # # $a 18th-century mottled calf, royal coat-of-arms of Great Britain above 'R.A.' gilt-stamped on upper cover; re-backed mid-20th century with non-matching calf and new red morocco spine-label lettered 'Estampes Du Cabinet De Choiseul'.
600 1 4 $a Choiseul, Etienne Francois, duc de $d 1719-1785
653 # # $a Paintings, European - Paintings, Dutch - History
653 # # $a Collections - France - 18th century
655 # 4 $a Pictorial works - Armorial bindings - France - 18th century
700 1 # $a Basan, Pierre François $e author $e publisher
700 1 # $a Choiseul $e dedicatee
852 8 # $d 1802: B-3-03; 1821: B-3-01.