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Pitture A Fresco Di Andrea Del Sarto Esistenti Nella Compagnia Dello Scalzo in Firenze

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Firenze: Tipografia All'Insegna Di Dante, 1830.

Physical Description

[4], 41, [1] p., frontis. (port.), 14 pl.; 523 mm.

General Note

The Royal Academy's copy has a total of 15 pl. incl. frontis. (port.); but Oxford Sackler catalogue describes a copy with a total of [16] pl., and the National Art Library catalogue describes a copy with a total of 14 pl. incl. the port.


[Frontis., t.p.] - Avviso Dell'Editore - Vita D'Andrea Del Sarto Scritta Da Giorgio Vasari; Note Alla Vita ... - Pitture A Fresco Di Andrea Del Sarto Nel Chiostro Della Compagnia Dello Scaldo [text, with pl.].

Responsibility Note

The frontispiece portrait is signed as painted by Andrea del Sarto, drawn by V. Gozzini and engraved by G. Saunders. The fourteen numbered plates all carry the name of the source-artist - Andrea del Sarto in all cases except plates 4 and 5, which name M.A. Franciabigio. Most are signed by a draughtsman - Niccla. Marzotti, Francesco Pieraccini, Niccola Marzocchi, Raimondo Zabagli, Luigi Marzocchi (plates 1, 5 and 12 are unsigned by a draughtsman). All are signed by an engraver - Carlo Lasinio, Antonio Verico, Innocenzio Migliavacca, Ernesto Langermayr, Ang. Emilio Lapi, Antonio Morghen, Gio. Masselli or Marco Zignani.

The frontispiece carries the names of a printer, Luigi Bardi, and a publisher, Giuseppe Molini.

Summary Note

The publication date of 1824 is carried by the frontispiece portrait; other plates are undated.

The plates show the frescoes on the life of St. John the Baptist, which Andrea del Sarto began painting for the Compagnia dello Scalzo (i.e. the Compagnia di S. Giovanni Battista) in Florence in about 1508 and on which he worked throughout his career.


29 March 1841: 'The Keeper [i.e. George Jones RA] ... submitted ... to the Council ... the following works [which he thought desirable for the Library]: The Imperial Gallery of Vienna at £21.0.0; Andrea del Sarto £3.18.0; Domenichino's Frescoes at Grotta Ferrata £2.10.0; Outlines from all the Great Masters £2.10.0; Albert Durers Etchings £4.14.6' (RA Council Minutes, IX, 172-3).

Binding Note

19th-century red morocco, elaborate gilt borders on upper and lower covers; gilt-decorated spine, brown morocco spine-label lettered 'Del Sarto Pitture A Fresco', spine lettered 'Firenze 1830'.

Name as Subject


Bible, N.T., Gospels
Christian art and symbolism - Saints - Iconography
Saints - Martyrs - Prophets - Persecution - Palestine - History - 1st century
Paintings, Italian - Frescoes - Narrative art - Monasteries - Italy - Tuscany - Florence - History - 16th century - Renaissance
Pictorial works - Italy - 19th century


Andrea del Sarto, source artist
Giorgio Vasari
Franciabigio, source artist
Luigi Bardi, printer
Giuseppe Molini, publisher
Vincenzo Gozzini, draughtsman
Niccola Marzotti, draughtsman
Francesco Pieraccini, draughtsman
Niccola Marzocchi, draughtsman
Raimondo Zabagli, draughtsman
Luigi Marzocchi, draughtsman
G. Saunders, engraver
Carlo Lasinio, engraver
Antonio Verico, engraver
Innocenzio Migliavacca, engraver
Ernesto Langermayr, engraver
Angelo Emilio Lapi, engraver
Antonio Morghen, engraver
Giovanni Masselli, engraver
Marco Zignani, engraver
Tipografia All'Insegna Di Dante (Florence), printer

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