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MARC Record view

001 $ 03/2384
003 $ UK-LoRAA
005 $ 20191008142459.4
041 0 # $a lat
044 # # $a it
100 1 # $a Panvinio, Onofrio
245 1 0 $a Onuphrii Panvinii Veronensis De Ludis Circensibus, Libri II. De Triumphis, Liber Unus. Quibus universa fere Romanorum Veterum Sacra Ritusq. Declarantur, ac Figuris Aeneis Illustrantur. Ad Serenissimum Franciscum Mariam Secundum Urbibi Ducem Sextum. Cum rerum memorabilium Indice copiosissimo.
246 3 5 $a F. Onuphrii Panvinii Eremitae Augustiniani. De Triumpho Romanorum Commentarius.
246 3 0 $a De ludis circensibus
246 3 0 $a De triumphis [portion of title]
246 3 0 $a De triumpho Romanorum commentarius [portion of title on added title plate]
260 # # $a Venetiis. $b Apud Ioannem Baptistam Ciottum Senensem. $c M.DC. Superiorum permissu. $c [1600]
300 # # $a [10], 136, 3-15, [1] p., 2 engr. title-plates, [32] pl. (folded); $c 372 mm. (Quarto).
500 # # $a The List of plates in the combined work calls for 32 plates, which it lists by numbers 2-13, 15-22, 24-28, 30-36 and in most cases also by letters (B-F, GG, H, I, K, L, L, M-S, V-Z, Bb), and by corresponding page-numbers. The plates themselves carry a plate letter and a page-number. The number of unnumbered pages at the beginning of the book varies from copy to copy (described by cataloguers as 6, 10 or 12). Some copies are described as having 59 leaves of plates.
505 0 # $a [T.pl., dedic.] - Onuphrii Panvinii Veronensis, In Libros De Ludis Circensibus Praefatio - Summa Singulorum Capitum Huius Operis - Index... - Bibliopola Lectori Benigno S. - Ordo, & series Figurarum Ænearum in Opere novo de Ludis Circensibus, & de Triumpho - [Text, with pl., of De Ludis] - [T.pl.] - [Text of De Triumpho].
508 # # $a Several of the plates mention Panvinio as publisher or author; a few, as designer. Plate G is signed 'S. Duperac. Opus'. The title-plate of the De Ludis appears to be unsigned, but according to Mortimer it is faintly signed 'M.G.F.'. The title-plate of the De triumphis is signed 'Gioseppe Rosatio F'.
510 4 # $a Royal Institute of British Architects, British Architectural Library ... Early printed books, 5 (2003), no. 4043, p.2726-9 [on the 1681 edition]; Harvard University, Harvard College Library Department Of Printing And Graphic Arts Catalogue Of Books And Manuscripts Part II: Italian 16th Century Books, comp. R. Mortimer (1974), vol. II, no.357, p.519-20; University of Cambridge, Catalogue Of Books Printed On The Continent Of Europe, 1501-1600, ed. H.M. Adams (1967), v.II. P187. J. L. Ferrary, Onofrio Panvinio et les antiquités romaines (1996); P. Jacks, The antiquarian and the myth of antiquity (1994).
520 2 # $a De Triumphis has its own pagination and title-plate (with the title, F. Onuphrii Panvinii Eremitae Augustiniani. De Triumpho Romanorum Commentarius). The publication date of 1580 is carried by the plates of the De Ludis, except plate 'M. Pag.49', which is dated 1565, and plates H and X, which are undated. The fifth plate of the De Triumphis is also undated. These two works describe horse-races and other games and the military celebrations of the ancient Romans. The plates reproduce images on coins, bas-reliefs etc. depicting these ceremonies. Some are attempts at reconstructions of buildings and events, based on visual and literary sources. Before his early death in 1568 Panvinio had completed drawings for the plates (with the help of Mercurio Baiardi); and sets of the plates dated 1565 and 1566 survive at Florence and Paris (in the book itself plate 'M. Pag.49' still carries the date 1565). The De Triumphis was first issued in 1571 by the Venetian publisher Michele Tramezzino in separate Latin and Italian editions. The De Ludis was prepared by Tramezzino's heir Venturino Tramezzino by having dates on all plates (except one) altered to 1580; but he died before the publication, and so the work first appeared in 1600, with plates still bearing the date 1580. (Mortimer and Pollak mention the possibility of earlier publication at Antwerp in 1596; but no copies of such an edition have been seen.)
561 # # $a Given by Richard Yeo, Foundation Member, by 2 September 1769 (RAA Council Minutes I 40).
562 # # $a This copy is inscribed in ink on the title plate, 'Caroli Papavooi'.
562 # # $a Imperfect; lacking plates D, GG, I, K, N, Z and the first four plates of the De triumphis. It has an additional plate facing page 11, engraved 'L.1. Pag.11'. Plate 'Bb. Pag.111' has been bound in facing page 3. The fifth plate of the De triumphis (showing a rostral column), which should face page 2 of that work, is engraved 'Pag.10' and has been bound in facing page 10 of the De Ludis.
563 # # $a White vellum; spine lettered 'Onuph. De ludis circensibus' and 'U15'.
653 0 # $a Games, Roman - Religious aspects - Chariot racing, Roman - Sports buildings, Roman - Arenas, Roman - Horse racetracks, Roman - Hippodromes (Greek sports buildings) - Antiquities, Roman - Sports, Roman - Triumphs - Processions, Roman - Italy - Rome - History
655 # 4 $a Art history - Italy - 17th century
655 # 0 $a Pictorial works - Italy - 17th century
700 0 # $a Francesco Maria II $e dedicatee
700 1 # $a Ciotti, Giovanni Battista $e publisher
700 1 # $a Yeo, Richard $e previous owner $e donor
700 1 # $a Baiardi, Mercurio $e draughtsman
700 1 # $a Duperac, Etienne $e engraver
700 1 # $a Rosatio, Gioseppe $e draughtsman $e engraver
852 8 # $d 1802: U-0-08; 1821: 4-5-05