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Musei Capitolini Tomus Primus Philosophorum, Poetarum, Oratorum, Virorumque Illustrium Hermas Continens Cum Animadversationibus Italice Primum Nunc Latine Editis. (- Tomus Quartus ...)

Capitoline Museums (Rome)

RA Collection: Book

Record number



Variant Title

De Palmyrenis Inscriptionibus


Romæ: MDCCL. (-MDCCLXXXII.), Typis Antonii de Rubeis apud Pantheon in via Seminarii Romani. Superiorum Permissu.

Physical Description

4 vols.; 425 mm. (Folio).

General Note

Vol. I: [iv], 42, [4] p., add. engr. t.-pl., VI, 90 pl.; [1] illus. There is a bis plate V. - Vol. II: [iv], 56, [6] p., [I], I, 83 pl. There is a bis pl. II. - Vol. III: [viii], 196 p., added engr, t.-pl., 90 pl., [1] illus. - Vol. IV: xvi, 420 p., add. engr. t.-pl., 69 pl. (33 dble), [2] pl., [2] full-page illus.


Vol. I: [Add. t.-pl., t.-p.] - Erudito Lectori - Index Tabularum - Animadversationes Joh. Bottarii [with pl. I-VI] - Index Rerum - [Plates 1-90]. - Vol. II: [T.-p., dedic.] - Animadversiones Joh. Bottarii [with pl. [I], I-V] - Index Rerum - [Pl. 1-83]. - Vol. III: [Add. t.-pl., t.p., dedic.] - Index Tabularum - Lectori Humanissimi - [Notes on the plates, with [1] pl.] - Index Rerum - [Pl. 1-91.] - Vol. IV: [Add. t.-pl., t.p.] - Nicolaus Fogginius Florentinus ... Benevolis Lectoribus [with [2] pl, [2] illus. (incl. memorial of Bottari)] - Explicatio Tabul. I (-LXIX.) - Index Ac Brevis Descriptio Monumentorum Quae Aere Incisa Apposita Sunt Ad Ornatum Voluminis - De Palmyrenis Inscriptionibus ... F. Augustini Antonii Georgii - Index Rerum - Imprimatur - [Pl. 1-69].

Responsibility Note

The added engraved title-plates of Volumes I and III and the title-page vignettes of Volumes I-III are signed as drawn and engraved by Giuseppe Vasi - with the exception that the added title-plate of Volume III is engraved by him but drawn by G.D. Campiglia. Campiglia's signature as draughtsman appears on nearly all the plates of Volumes I-III - and also on the head-piece of the text of Volume III (none of the other decorations or illustrations in Volumes I-III is signed). Most plates carry also the signatures of their various engravers - P.A. Pazzi, C. Gregori, N. Billy, S. Pomarede, G. Rossi, F. Mazzoni, Papini, P. Parrocel, M.A. Corsi, N. Guttierez, G. Guttierez, G.B. Sintes, G.D. Campiglia and Filippo Morghen. Although the fourth volume was published some thirty years after the first three, and by a different publisher ('Apud Antonium Fulgonium'), its numbered plates also are nearly all signed as drawn by Campiglia; but they are signed by a largely new team of engravers: C. Colombini, D. Cunego, A. Pazzi, Carlo Antonini, A. Capellan, Mr. Alè, C. Faucci, L. Germò, C. Gregori, G. Vasi, P. Parrocel, I.D. Campiglia, F. Barbazza and G.B. Piranesi. Of the two unnumbered plates one is unsigned, the other is signed as drawn and engraved by N. Mogalli; of the two full-page illustrations one is signed as drawn and engraved by Antonini, the other as drawn by Hieronymus Masius and engraved by G.M. Cassini. Most decorations carry the signatures of Cassini, Antonini or Campiglia as draughtsman or engraver. The added engraved title-plate is signed as drawn and engraved by Antonini.

Bottari's dedications in Volumes II and III are to Cardinal Carlo Vittorio Amadeo Delle Lanze, and to Cardinal Enrico Enriquez.


R.T. Ridley, 'To protect the monuments: the papal Antiquarian (1534-1870)', in Xenia antiqua, I (1992), p.117-54; F. Haskell and N. Penny, Taste and the antique: the lure of classical sculpture 1500-1900 (1982); G.Wright, ed, The formation of national collections of art and archaeology (1996).

Summary Note

The date on the added engraved title-plate of Volume I is 1748, 'Apud Chalcographiam R.C.A. Ad Pedem Marmoreum'. The dates on the title-pages are 1750, 1750, 1755 and 1782.

The volumes show: 1. Busts of philosophers, poets, orators and other famous persons; 2. Busts of emperors and empresses; 3. Statues of gods and others; 4. miscellaneous marble statues and bas-reliefs.


Volumes I-III were purchased by 1780; the fourth was identified by John Flaxman (in a report to the RA Council on 1 September 1801) as one of the 'Books wanting, to compleat the Sets already in the Library' (Council Minutes III, 109-10); it was acquired sometime between 1802 and 1821 (see Catalogue of the Library in the Royal Academy, London, 1821, p. 6).

Binding Note

18th-century mottled calf, with royal arms of Britain and 'R.A.' gilt-stamped on upper covers of first three volumes. Rebacked in 20th century, with spine of first volume stamped '1768', retaining earlier red and green morocco spine-labels lettered 'Museum Capitolinum Tom I (-IV)'.

Name as Subject


Philosophers - Poets - Orators - Celebrities - Emperors - Empresses - Portraits - Italy - Rome
Sculpture, Roman - Sculpture, Greek - Busts - Statues - Bas-reliefs - Inscriptions, Palmyrene - Italy - Rome - History
Collections - Museums - Art galleries - Italy - Rome - 18th century
Pictorial works - Italy - 18th century
Armorial bindings - Great Britain - 18th century