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Monuments Arabes Et Moresques De Cordoue, Séville Et Grenade, Dessinés Et Mesurés En 1832 Et 1833, Par Girault de Prangey

Joseph-Philibert Girault de Prangey

RA Collection: Book

Record number




Paris,: 1837., Chez Veith Et Hauser, Marchands D'Estampes, Boulevard Des Italiens No.11.

Physical Description

[20] p., [3] t.pl., 8, 6, 30 pl. [no. 30 is dble.]: illus.; 560 mm.

General Note

In the first group of numbered plates, plate 6 is misnumbered '3'.


[T.p.] - [T.pl., 'Mosquée de Cordoue ...'] - [Pl. 1-8] - Mosquée De Cordoue - [T.pl., 'La Giralda Et l'Alcazar de Seville'] - [Pl. 1-6] - La Giralda Et l'Alcazar de Seville - Explication des Planches. Mosquée de Cordoue; Giralda et Alacazar de Seville - [T.pl., 'Souvenirs De Grenade et de L'Alhambra par Girault de Prangey ...'] - [Pl.[1]] - Grenade - [Pl. 2-30] - Alhambra - Explication des Planches. Souvenirs de Grenade et de l'Alhambra.

Responsibility Note

Divisional title-plates and all numbered plates are signed as drawn by Girault de Prangey (Granada 18, 26 as painted by him) - except Cordoba 1, signed as drawn by Asselineau, and Granada 27, signed as drawn by Bayot and Sabatier. All are signed by lithographers - Asselineau, Bichebois, Villemin, Wild (or Wyld), Danjoy, Dumouza, Monthelier, Chapuy, E. Sagot, Bulton, Lehnert, Tirpenne, Hubert, H. Roux, Girault de Prangey (Granada 10), Sabatier or Hancké - apart from Seville 4. Several plates are additionally signed as having figures by Bayot (Cordoba 1; Granada 3, 4, 7, 10, 12-15, 18, 20, 21, 23, 24, 26, 28) or M. Alophe (Granada 8).

Each plate in the Cordoba and Seville series carries the imprint of the printer, Lemercier, Benard et Cie. Each in the Granada series carries that of Benard et Frey - apart from pl. 29, which carries that of Formentin et Cie.

Each plate also carries the imprint of the publishers, Veith et Hauser - except Cordoba 2, 4, 8, Seville 4 and Granada t.pl. and nos. 1, 22, 29.

Similarly, most in-text illustrations are signed as drawn by Girault de Prangey (in one case by Danjoy), and as lithographed by Asselineau, Monthelier, Desmaisons, Ad. Cuvillier or Lehnert. Those on Cordoba and Seville are signed as printed by Lemercier, Benard et Cie; those on Granada, as printed by Benard et Frey. A few carry the publishers' imprint of Veith et Hauser.


Royal Institute of British Architects, British Architectural Library ... Early printed books, 2 (1995), 1219.

For the impact of Arab styles see the bibliographic note on J.C. Murphy's The Arabian antiquities of Spain (1815).

Summary Note

No publication-date is given on the collective title page; that of 1837 is given on the third divisional title-plate; the date of 1836 appears in the signature of pl. 18 of the Granada group. The work was published serially between 1836 and 1839.

The first divisional title-plate reads, 'Mosquée De Cordoue Vues Générales Intérieurs, Détails Et Plans Dessinés Et Mesurés Sur Les Lieux En 1833, par Girault De Prangey et lithographiés par Asselineau, Bayot, Bichebois, Dumouza, Chapuy, Danjoy, Villemin, W. Wyld.'

The second reads, 'La Giralda Et L'Alcazar de Séville'.

The third reads, 'Souvenirs De Grenade et de L'Alhambra par Girault de Prangey, Lithographies Executées d'après ses tableaux, plans et dessins faits sur les lieux en 1832 et 1833, Par Mrs. Bichebois, Chapuy, Danjoy, Hubert, Monthelier, Sabatier, Tirpenne, Villemin, Villeneuve, Figures par Bayot. Paris, 1837. Paris, Chez Veith Et Hauser, Marchands D'Estampes, Boulevard Des Italiens No.11.'

The plates are captioned. Most show external views (Cordoba pl. 1, 4; Seville pl. 1, 3; Granada pl. 2, 3, 6-8, 10, 12-15, 17, 18, 21, 23, 24, 26, 27). Some show internal views (Cordoba pl. 2, 5, 7; Seville pl. 5; Granada pl. 4, 11, 20, 28); and others, architectural and other details (Cordoba pl. 3, 6, 8; Seville pl. 2, 4, 6; Granada pl. 1, 5, 9, 16, 19, 22, 25). The only plan is that of Alhambra (pl. 29). Plate 30 shows elevations and sections of Alhambra. One of the illustrations in the text on Cordoba shows a plan of the mosque; the other in-text illustrations are elaborate lithographed borders incorporating views and architectural details.


A facsimile of the section, 'Souvenirs de Granada et de l'Alhambra', with intro. by J. Sweetman, was published in 1996 (Reading: Garnet), as Impressions of Granada and the Alhambra.

Binding Note

19th-century paper-covered boards; pink paper-covered spine, inscribed in ink, 'De Prangey - Cordova, Seville, Granada.' and 'R.A.'


Architecture, Arab - Monuments, Arab - Interior decoration - Mosques - Towers - Fortresses - Palaces - Spain - Andalucia - Cordoba - Seville - Giralda - Alcazar - Granada - Alhambra - History
Art history - Views - Elevations - Plans - Sections - France - 19th century
Pictorial works - Lithographs - France - 19th century


Joseph-Philibert Girault de Prangey, draughtsman
Léon-Auguste Asselineau, draughtsman, lithographer
Adolphe Bayot, draughtsman, lithographer
Leon Sabatier, draughtsman, lithographer
Louis Bichebois, lithographer
William Wyld, lithographer
Jules-Alexandre Monthelier, lithographer
Nicolas Chapuy, lithographer
Emile Sagot, lithographer
Pierre Frédéric Lehnert, lithographer
Jean-Louis Tirpenne, lithographer
Hubert Roux, lithographer
Veith Et Hauser (Paris), publisher
Imprimerie Lemercier, Benard & Compagnie, lithographic printer
Benard et Frey, lithographic printer