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[Monumentos Arquitectónicos de España]

RA Collection: Book

Record number


Variant Title

Monumentos Arquitectónicos De España. Publicados De Rl. Orden y por disposicion del Ministero de Fomento. Cuadernos No.


(Madrid: Imprenta y calcografia nacional.), [1859-79]

Physical Description

[11] pl.; 753 mm.

Responsibility Note

The plates are signed as drawn by G. de la Gandara, R. Frassinelli, R. Soldevila, R. Ma. Jimenez or R. Arredondo, and as engraved by L. Iranzo (Yranzo), E. Buxó, F. Perez Baquero, E. Lémus, E. Stüler or M. Chappuy.

Several plates carry the imprint of the Calcografía de la Imprenta Nacional.

Summary Note

There is no title-page or text (in the Royal Academy's copy). Some copies have bound in the paper cover, which carries the title, 'Monumentos Arquitectónicos De España. Publicados de Rl. Orden y por disposicion del Ministerio de Fomento. Cuaderno No. Madrid Imprenta y calcografia nacional.'

The plates are captioned and show: [1, 5] plan, elevations, sections and details of the Romanesque and Gothic Iglesia Parroquial de Villaviciosa; [2, 3] plan and details of the Romanesque Iglesia de Sta. Maria de Valdedios; [4, 6] plan, section and details of the Romanesque Iglesia Parroquial de S. Juan de Amandi; [7, 8] the Romanesque Iglesia de Sta. Maria de Villamayor; [9] section of the Renaissance patio principal de San Gregorio, Valladolid; [10] the Romanesque Puerta Lérida en la catedral, Valencia; [11] plan, section and details of the Romanesque S. Adrian de Tuñon, Villanueva.

Copy Note

The paper cover is inscribed in ink, 'Iglesias de Villaviciosa - S. Maria de Villamayor (Concejo del Infiesto) - Valladolid - Valencia - Villanueva'.

Binding Note

19th-century quarter red calf, red cloth-covered boards; spine lettered 'Monumentos Arquitectónicos De España - Tom. VIII. - Sevilla (Iglesias) Silos, San Roman De Hornija, Segovia, Salamanca Tres Sarcofagos Cristianos, Toledo, Truyillo, Toro, Villaviciosa, Villamayor (S. Maria De Valladolid, Valencia, Villanueva' and 'R.A.' Bound with others.


Architecture - Churches - Cathedrals - Sculpture - Spain - Castilla La Mancha - Toledo - History - Mudejar - Gothic - Renaissance
Christian art and symbolism
Architecture - Architecture details - Churches - Spain - Asturias - Galicia - Oviedo - Villaviciosa - Iglesia Parroquial - Santa Maria de Valdedios - Iglesia de San Juan de Amandi - Villamayor - Iglesia de Santa Maria - Villanueva - S. Adrian de Tuñon - History - Romanesque
Architecture - Public buildings - Spain - Valladolid - San Gregorio - History - Renaissance
Architecture - Churches - Cathedrals - Spain - Valencia - History - Romanesque
Art history - Views - Plans - Elevations - Sections - Spain - 19th century
Pictorial works - Lithographs - Spain - 19th century