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[Monumentos Arquitectónicos]

RA Collection: Book

Record number


Variant Title

Monumentos Arquitectónicos De España. Publicados De Rl. Orden y por disposicion del Ministero de Fomento. Cuadernos No.


(Madrid: Imprenta y calcografia nacional.), after 1874]

Physical Description

[14] pl.; 747 mm.

Responsibility Note

The plates are signed as drawn by M. Anibal Alvarez, J.M. Baldo, R. Arredondo, D. de los Rios, G. de la Gandara or R. Frasineli, and as engraved by L. Iranzo (Yranzo), E. Buxó or F.P. Baquero, or chromolithographed by Teo Ruffle.

Four plates carry the imprint of the Calcografía de la Impta. Nl. The chromolithographs carry the imprint of J.M. Mateu.

Summary Note

There is no title-page or text (in the Royal Academy's copy). Plate [8] shows a mosaic at Italica captioned as having been uncovered in 1874. Some copies have bound in the paper cover, which carries the title, 'Monumentos Arquitectónicos De España. Publicados de Rl. Orden y por disposicion del Ministerio de Fomento. Cuaderno No. Madrid Imprenta y calcografia nacional.'

The plates are captioned, and show: [1-2] Gothic monuments in Madrid (Arca Sepolcral de San Isidro Labrador, in Iglesia de San Andres, and Portada y Escalera del Hospital de la Latina); [3-9] Roman arches, temples, aqueducts, columns, altars, statues, architectural fragments and mosiacs at Mérida and Italica; [10-12] plan, elevations, sections and details of the Romanesque Iglesia Parroquial de Ujo (Concejo de Mieres); [13, 14] Romanesque churches and tombs at Oviedo and Covadonga.

Four plates are chromolithographs.

Copy Note

The paper cover in the Royal Academy's copy is inscribed in ink, 'Madrid - Merida - Mosaico (Italica) - Iglesia Parr. de Ujo (Concejo de Mieres) - Nave - Oviedo (Iglesias de)'.

Binding Note

19th-century quarter red calf, red cloth-covered boards; spine lettered 'Monumentos Arquitectónicos De España - Tom. VII. Concejo De Oviedo-Caldas (S. Juan De Priorio) Concejo De Cangas De Onis (Col. De Covadonga) Camprodon (Igl. De S. Pedro) Cordoba Ceinos Dist. De Villalon Guadalajara (Palacio D.L.D. Del Infantado) Granada Gradefes (Ayunt. De) Leon Madrid Merida Mosaico (Italico) Mieres (Concejo De) Nave Oviedo (Iglesias De)' and 'R.A.'. Bound with others.


Architecture - Architecture details - Mural painting and decoration - Public buildings - Churches - Spain - Madrid - History - Gothic
Architecture, Roman - Mosaics - Spain - Extremadura - Badajos - Mérida - Andalucia - Seville - Italica - History
Architecture - Tombs - Spain - Asturias - Oviedo - Covadonga - Mieres - History - Romanesque
Art history - Plans - Elevations - Sections - Spain - 19th century
Pictorial works - Lithographs - Colour printing - Chromolithographs - Spain - 19th century


Esteban Buxó, engraver
F. Perez Baquero, engraver
Teo. Rufflé, lithographer
J. Ma. Mateu, lithographic printer
Ricardo Arredondo Y Calmache, draughtsman
G. de la Gándara, draughtsman
Aníbal Alvarez Bouquel, draughtsman
José Marín Baldo, draughtsman
D. De Los Rios, draughtsman
R. Frassinelli, draughtsman
L. Iranzo, engraver
Spain - Imprenta Y Calcografía Nacional, printer
Spain - Ministerio De Fomento, publisher