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Monumenti Per Servire Alla Storia Degli Antichi Popoli Italiani Raccolti Esposti e Pubblicati Da Giuseppe Micali Seconda Edizione Con Regia Privata

Giuseppe Micali

RA Collection: Book

Record number



Variant Title

Italia avanti il dominio dei Romani.
Antichi Monumenti
Antichi Monumenti


Firenze: , M.DCCC.XXXIII.

Physical Description

[4] p., [1], 120 [i.e. 118] pl.; 432 mm.

General Note

Plates numbered 110 and 111 are printed on one leaf; as are pl. numbered 116 and 117. The unnumbered plate (map) is double and folded; pl. 1 (map) is folded; pl. 66, 77, 78, 87, 97 are double.


[Half-t., t.p.] - [Plates].

Responsibility Note

The unnumbered, folding map is signed, 'Auctor d'Anville', 'Gravée par Tardieu l'ainé', 'Ecrite par Pelicier'.

The six maps are signed as drawn by Ercole Visconti, And. Alippi or Luigi Faldi, and as engraved by Vinco. Feoli (pl. 1 is signed 'Luigi Campani diresse. Vinco. Feoli incise'). Additionally the name of the surveyor is also given (Clem. Palmieri, Giuseppe Pellegrini, L. Ximenes, Giac. Passerini, Luigi Bettarini, Franc. Marchi).

Most other plates are signed by draughtsman and engraver. Draughtsmen were L. Campani, And. Alippi, Angiolini, V. Pacetti, Fil. Scalabrini, G. Sanguinetti, C. Ruspi, M. Terrini, D. Monti, L.M. Valadier, G. Diotti, Alberto della Marmora, Dubois, G. Baumgaerten, S. Morelli, M.A. Palmerini, L. Scotti. Engravers were V. Feoli, A. Cappiardi, Verico, S. Morelli, Lasinio figlio, G. Rossi, L. Barocci, Riepenhausen, T. Ruschweyli, F. Corsi, C. Ruspi, L. Barocci, F. Garzoli, Parboni, 'R', Pianzola, F. Rossi, Nasi, G.B. Borani, F. Trojani, Cignozzi.

No plate carries a publisher's imprint; but the unnumbered folding map includes the address of the engraver, 'Tardieu l'ainé, rue de Sorbonne, no. 10. à Paris'.


G. Morghen, Bibliotheca etrusca (1985).

Summary Note

The publication-date of 1833 is given on the title page. Some plates carry dates - of 1826 (pl. 70), 1830 (pl. 62, 71) and 1832 (pl. 13). The half-title reads'Antichi Monumenti'. The work had first been published in 1810 at Florence, as an accompaniment to L'Italia avanti il dominio dei Romani (4 vols., Florence, 1810).

The plates show the following:[unnumbered] map, 'Italia Antiqua Cum Insulis'; 1-6. maps of Volterra, Populonia, Roselle, Cossa, Fiesole, Cortona; 7-120. views, and outline drawings of walls, bas-reliefs and other sculptures, paintings, gems. coins, paterae, mirrors, vase-paintings and inscriptions. Most subjects shown in the outline drawings appear to be drawn from myths, but some show domestic or rural activities. A few plates are aquatints.


6 November 1840: 'Resolved that the following Books be purchased for the Library, viz. Carteggio di Artisti 3 vols. 36s. Micali - Antichi Popoli £3.3.0.' (RA Council Minutes, IX, 148).

Copy Note

Imperfect: lacks pl. 48, 92.

Binding Note

19th-century red cloth-covered boards; rebacked and recornered in red morocco in 20th century, brown morocco spine-label lettered Antichi Monumenti'.


Art - Antiquities - Bas-reliefs - Sculpture - Paintings - Paintings, European - Etruscans - Italy - Tuscany - Volterra - Populonia - Roselle - Cossa - Fiesole - Cortona - Todi - Tarquinia - History,
Excavations (archaeology) - Italy - Tuscany - 19th century
Pictorial works - Italy - 19th century


Giuseppe Micali, compiler, publisher
Luigi Maria Valadier, draughtsman
Vincenzo Feoli, engraver
Angelo Cappiardi, engraver
Antonio Verico, engraver
Pietro Parboni, engraver
Giovanni Paolo Lasinio, engraver