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Monument De Ninive Découvert Et Décrit Par M. P.E. Botta Mesuré Et Dessiné Par M. E. Flandin Ouvrage Publié Par Ordre Du Gouvernement Sous Les Auspices De M. Le Ministre De L'Intérieur Et Sous La Direction D'Une Commission De L'Institut Tome I Architecture Et Sculpture (- Tome V Texte)

Paul Emile Botta

RA Collection: Book

Record number




Paris: Imprimerie Nationale, MDCCCXLIX. (-MDCCCL.)

Physical Description

5 vols. ; 624 mm.

General Note

Vol. I: [iv], iii, [i] p., pl. 1-83 [i.e. 85 pl.]. There are bis pl. 6, 68. - Vol. II: [iv]p., pl. 84-165. There are bis pl. 106, 119, 152. Plate 128 is misnumbered 98. - Vol. III: [iv], iii, [i] p., pl. 1-68 [i.e. 87 pl.]. There are quater pl. 7, 11, 12, 16, 18, 19, and bis pl. 65. - Vol. IV: [iv] p., pl. 69-183. There is a bis pl. 74. - Vol. V: [iv], xi, [i], 360, [2] p.; illus.


Vol. I: [Half-t., t.p.] - Table [of plates in vols. I and II] - [Plates 1-83]. - Vol. II: [Half-t., t.p.] - [Plates 84-165]. - Vol. III: [Half-t., t.p.] - Table [of plates in vols. III, IV] - [Plates 1-68]. - Vol. IV: [Half-t., t.p.] - [Plates]. - Vol. V: [Half-t., t.p.] - Préface - [Text] - Table Des Matières.

Responsibility Note

In Volumes I and II all plates are signed as drawn by E. Flandin. Most are signed as engraved by Sellier (33 pl.) or E. Ollivier (32 pl.); others, by R. Pfnor (19); Péronard (18); Ch. Oury (17); Varin Frères (15); Ate. Guillaumot (12); Lelli, J. Bein, Desvachez (3 each); Leclere, Simonnet, Berthoud (2 each); Calamatta, J. Franck, Regnaud, Oudet, Simonet, Regnault, Butavant (1 each). Plate 159 of Vol. II is not signed by an engraver. The plates of Volumes III and IV, showing inscriptions, are all signed as copied by P.E. Botta and engraved by either Lallemant or Sc. Botta.

Each plate in Volumes I-IV carries the imprint of the publisher, Gide et Cie., and printer, Chardon ainé et Aze - apart from Vol. I pl. 51, 79, Vol. II pl. 84 (which carry no imprint) and Vol. II pl. 155 (which carries the imprint of the printer only).

The name of the publisher is given on the verso of all five half-titles: 'Paris Gide Et J. Baudry, Editeurs Rue Des Petits-Augustins, 5'.


On the monuments and on their reception in Europe see the bibliography on A.H. Layard, The monuments of Nineveh (1849-53).

Summary Note

The title pages of Volumes I-IV carry the date of 1849; that of Volume V, 1850.

The contents are indicated by the sub-titles: volumes I, II. 'Architecture Et Sculpture'; volumes III, IV. 'Inscriptions'; volume V. 'Texte'.

Binding Note

19th-century half vellum, green cloth-covered boards; red and green morocco spine-labels lettered 'Monument De Ninive', 'Tom. I - Architecture Et Sculpture (- V.)' and 'R.A.'

Name as Subject


Sculpture, Assyro-Babylonian - Bas-reliefs, Assyro-Babylonian - Monuments, Assyro-Babylonian - Antiquities, Assyro-Babylonian - Cuneiform inscriptions, Akkadian - Iraq - Khorsabad - Dur Sharrukin (Extinct city) - History - 8th century B.C.
Excavations (Archaeology) - Archaelogical expeditions - French - Iraq - Khorsabad - History - 19th century
Surveys - Reports - 19th century
Pictorial works - 19th century


Eugène Flandin, 1809-1876., draughtsman
Emile Edmond Ollivier, engraver
Luigi Calamatta
Rudolf Pfnor, engraver
France - Institut de France
France, Imprimerie Nationale, printer
Gide et J. Baudry, publisher

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