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001 $ 05/4996
003 $ UK-LoRAA
041 0 # $a eng
044 # # $a uk
245 0 0 $a Members And Associates Of The Royal Academy Of Arts 1891 Photographed In Their Studios By Ralph W. Robinson Of Redhill
246 1 4 $a Royal Academicians & Associates
260 # # $a [London:] $b Ralph W. Robinson $c (1892.)
300 # # $a [4] p., [58] pl.; $c 374 mm.
505 0 # $a [T.p.] - [Preface] - [List:] Members And Associates Of The Royal Academy Of Arts In 1891, With The Years Of Their Election - [Plates].
508 # # $a No plate is signed. The text printer is named on the title-page verso: 'Chiswick Press: - C. Whittingham And Co., Tooks Court, Chancery Lane.' (Charles Whittingham himself had died in 1876, and in 1888 the Chiswick Press had been bought by the publisher George Bell.)
510 0 # $a On Leighton's house see L. Campbell, 'Decoration, display, disguise: Leighton House reconsidered', in Frederic Leighton: antiquity, Renaissance, modernity, ed. T. Barringer and E. Prettejohn (1999), p.267-93.
520 2 # $a No publication-date is given on the title-page, but the brief preface by Ralph W. Robinson carries the date of 'Aug. 13, 1892.' The list of 'Members And Associates Of The Royal Academy Of Arts In 1891' mentions seventy-three persons. Of these fifty-eight are shown in the fifty-eight plates; the names of the remaining fifteen are asterisked in the list, with the note, 'This Artist's Portrait is omitted from the Volume owing to circumstances beyond the control of the Author.' The plates are captioned, and show: the Academicians Sir Frederick Leighton; W.C. Marshall; J.C. Hooke; T. Faed; J.C. Horsley; Sir John E. Millais; P.H. Calderon; T.S. Cooper; G.F. Watts; J. Sant; H.T. Wells; L. Stocks; E. Armitage; J. Pettie; T. Woolner; E.J. Poynter; H.W.B. Davies; W.Q. Orchardson; R.N. Shaw; H.S. Marks; W.F. Yeames; J.E. Hodgson; J.L. Pearson; T.O. Barlow; P. Graham; E. Long; W.W. Ouless; B. Riviere; J.E. Boehm; A. Waterhouse; S.L. Fildes; M. Stone; W.H. Thornycroft; J.B. Burgess; the Associates E. Crowe; G.A. Storey; P.R. Morris; E. Crofts; G.H. Boughton; J. McWhirter; V.C. Prinsep; C.B. Birch; G. Aitchison; F. Dicksee; A.C. Gow; H. Woods; T. Brock; E.J. Gregory; R.W. Macbeth; C. Hunter; H. Moore; J.W. Waterhouse; A. Gilbert; Sir Arthur W. Blomfield; E.O. Ford; W.B. Richmond; W.L. Wyllie; E.A. Waterlow. Each plate is a pasted-in photograph.
563 # # $a 19th-century brown calf; upper cover and spine panels having gilt borders; upper cover lettered in gilt, 'Royal Academicians & Associates. Ralph W. Robinson.'
600 1 4 $a Robinson
610 2 4 $a Royal Academy of Arts (London)
653 # # $a Artists - Painters - Sculptors - Celebrities - Studios (work spaces) - Great Britain - London - History - 19th century
653 # # $a Portraits - Photographs - Great Britain - 19th century
655 # 0 $a Pictorial works - Photographs - Photograph albums - Photomechanical prints - Great Britain - 19th century
700 1 # $a Robinson $e photographer
710 2 # $a Chiswick Press $e printer
710 2 # $a C. Whittingham and Company $e printer