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Mausolei Mauritiani Pars Altera, Qua Illustrissimi & Potentissimi Principis ac Domini, Dn. Mauritii, Hassiæ Landgravii, Comitis In Cattimeliboco, Decio, Ziegenhayna Et Nidda, &c. Ecclesiæ, Dum Spiraret vigeretq;, nutritii bengni, Orthodoxæ religionis confessoris sinceri, vigilantis Instauratoris, defensoris constantis, Justitiæ præsidis immobilis, Literatorum Patroni munifici, boni Philosophi, Insignis Poëtæ, Oratoris facundi ... Vitam, Virtutes, Obitum, Novæ Hassorum Academiæ Cassellanæ Professores Orationibus funebribus Ab oblivione gratâ mente vindicant ... posteritate Sacrum esse jubent.

RA Collection: Book

Record number


Variant Title

Viginti Academiarum ... Epicedia
Epicedia Exterarum Nationum
Sequuntur Orationes Et Carmina


Cassellis,: Apud Johannem Saurium, Academiæ Typographum, -, Anno M.DC.XXXV.

Physical Description

134, [2], 262, [2], 90, [8] p.; 305 mm. (Quarto.)


[T.p.] - [Text] - [Blank leaf] - [T.p., 'Viginti Academiarum ...'] - [Verse] - Typus Epicediorum ... - [Text] - [T.p., 'Epicedia Exterarum Nationum ...'] - [Text] - [Blank leaf] - [T.p., Sequuntur Orationes Et Carmina ...'] - [Text] - Index. Mausolei Mauritiani Pars Prima. (Secunda.) (Tertia.).


The background is outlined in G. Schweikhart, 'Kunst und Kultur in Kassel unter Landgraf Moritz dem Gelehrten', in Heinrich Schütz (1985), p.13-34.

Summary Note

This work is in four parts, each with its own title-page and imprint, but some parts sharing continuous pagination and signatures: [1] 'Mausolei Mauritani Pars Altera ... (imprint as above)' (pp. 1-134, [2]; signatures AA-RR4); [2] 'Viginti Academiarum ... Epicedia ... (same imprint)' (pp. 1-90; signatures AAa-LLl4, MMm[1]); [3] 'Epicedia Exterarum Nationum ... (same imprint)' (pp.91-262, [2]; signatures MMm2-ZZz4, AAaa-KKkk4); [4] 'Sequuntur Orationes Et Carmina ... (same imprint)'; 'Index' (pp.1-90, [8]; signatures a-l4, m[5]). The index includes a 'Pars Prima', but the text begins only with 'Pars Altera'. The texts are tributes to Landgraf Moritz of Hesse-Kassel (who abdicated in 1627 and died in 1632), by J. Crocius, J. Combach, J.P. Dauber and others.


An electronic edition was published in 2005 (Wolfenbüttel: Herzog August Bibliothek).


The front pastedown of the volume is inscribed in pencil, 'S.A.H.', i.e. S.A. Hart, librarian of the Royal Academy 1864-81.

Binding Note

17th-century white vellum; spine inscribed in ink, '[Illegible] Maurice Landgrave of Hesse Cassellis. 1638'. Bound with one other.

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Rulers - Monarchs - Publicizing - Germany - Hesse - History - 17th century
Funerals - Germany - 17th century
Eulogies - Funeral books - Poetry - Speeches - Germany - 17th century