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MARC Record view

001 $ 05/3488
003 $ UK-LoRAA
041 0 # $a ita
044 # # $a it
245 0 3 $a Le Pitture Di Masaccio Esistenti In Roma Nella Basilica Di S. Clemente Colle Teste Lucidate Dal Sig. Carlo Labruzzi E Pubblicate Da Giovanni Dall'Armi.
246 3 # $a To The Artists And Lovers Of The Fine Arts From John Dall'Armi
260 # # $a In Roma $c MDCCCIX $c [1809]
300 # # $a xxvi p., t.pl., [38] pl.; $c 730 mm. (Broadsheet.)
500 # # $a Of the 38 pl. the first is unnumbered; the rest are numbered as follows: I, I:1-3, II, II:1-4, III, III:1-4, IV, IV:1-2, V, V:1, VI, VI:1-4, VII, VII:1-3, VIII, VIII:1-3, IX, IX:1-4.
505 0 # $a [T.pl.] - Notizie Intorno Alla Vita, Ed Alle Opere Di Masaccio - Annotazioni - Descrizione Della Cappella Dipinta Da Masaccio In S. Clemente [with one unnumbered pl.] - Dichiarazione Del Soggetto Rappresentato Nel Primo (-Nono) Quadro [with numbered plates].
508 # # $a No plate is signed. But the tipped-in advertisement, 'To The Artists And Lovers Of The Fine Arts From John Dall'Armi', states, 'Signor Labruzzi ... To this Work for the space of two years he totally devoted himself; and ... traced ... all the Heads, and on these traces with his own hands incised the contours by the application of aqua fortis, so as to make them appear as done with crayons. All the plates have been chisled under his own inspection by an expert engraver ... Labruzzi ... gave it the last touch.'

This advertisement also states that the text of the notes and explanations was by Filippo Aurelio Visconti.
510 0 # $a P. Joannides, Masaccio and Masolino: a complete catalogue (1993); R. Krautheimer, Lorenzo Ghiberti (1956) [incl. analysis of San Clemente frescoes].

On development of interest in early Renaissance painting see the note on W.Y. Ottley's A Series Of Plates, Engraved After The Paintings And Sculptures Of The Most Eminent Masters Of The Early Florentine School (1826).
520 2 # $a The engraved title-plate carries the date of 1844. But a tipped-in publisher's advertisement ('To The Artists And Lovers Of The Fine Arts From John Dall'Armi') makes clear that the work was issued serially by subscription.

The work shows and describes nine frescoes painted in the 15th century in the chapel of St. Catherine in the basilica of Saint Clement, Rome. They were attributed to Masaccio by Vasari, but are now generally regarded as by Masolino.

There is one unnumbered plate, showing a general view of the chapel, followed by nine principal plates numbered Q.I-IX, showing I. 'Disputa di S. Caterina avanti l'Imperatore ...'; II. 'Sta. Caterina esposta al martirio delle ruote ...'; III. 'Decollazione di S. Caterina, e sepolcro della medesima sul monte Sinai'; IV. 'Morte di un Santo'; V. 'Diluvio avvenuto in Alessandria ...'; VI. 'S. Caterina predica contro l'idolatria ...'; VII. 'S. Caterina converte alla fede Cristiana l'Imperatrice ...'; VIII. 'Santa Caterina bambina in culla'; IX. 'Nono ed ultimo quadro laterale'. Each of the nine principal plates is followed by from one to four numbered plates showing heads and other details.

The engraved title-plate includes a vignette self-portrait of Masaccio.

The nine main plates are outline engravings; the accompanying, detailed plates use carefully modulated cross-hatching.

The publisher's advertisement states that a 'very few Exemplars' were printed on vellum.
561 # # $a Presented by a Mrs. Carpenter in 1830? (cf. RA Council Minutes, VII, 345).
562 # # $a A one-page printed advertisement has been tipped in onto the verso of the first, unnumbered plate, undated and entitled, 'To The Artists And Lovers Of The Fine Arts From John Dall'Armi'.
563 # # $a 19th-century quarter green cloth, green mottled-papered boards. The upper cover carries a white paper label inscribed in ink. 'Heads after Masaccio Shelf 2 No.3'.
600 0 4 $a masaccio
600 0 4 $a catherine
653 # # $a Paintings - Frescoes - Churches - Chapels - Italy - Rome - San Clemente - History - 15th century
653 # # $a Christian art and symbolism - Saints
653 # # $a Christians - Saints - Martyrs - Roman Empire - Egypt - Alexandria - History - 4th century
655 # 0 $a Pictorial works - Italy - 19th century
700 1 # $a Masaccio $e source artist
700 1 # $a Labruzzi $e draughtsman $e engraver
700 1 # $a Dall'Armi $e publisher
700 1 # $a Visconti