Le Costume Des Peuples de L'Antiquité, prouvé par les Monuments. Par André Lens, Peintre. Nouvelle Édition, corrigée, rectifiée & considerablement augmentée par G.H. Martini. Avec LVII. Estampes. -

André Corneille Lens

RA Collection: Book

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A Dresde,: MDCCLXXXV., Chez Les Freres Walther.

Physical Description

lvi, 418 p., 57 pl.: [17] illus.;240 mm. (Quarto.)


[T.p.] - Préface (by George Henri Martini) - Introduction - Table Des Auteurs, cités dans le cours de cet Ouvrage, & des Éditions, dont on s'est servi - Explication Des Vignettes - [Text] - Table Des Objets que les figures représentent - Table Des Matières - [Plates].

Responsibility Note

Most plates are unsigned. Plates 12, 17, 29, 47, 48 are signed as engraved by J. Balzer.

Most in-text illustrations are unsigned. The headpiece on p. iii is signed as drawn by Johannes Winckelmann and engraved by C.F. Bocce (?); those on pp. xxvii, lvii, 234, 364, as engraved by M. Keijl (or Keyl?).


Lipperheide, Katalog Der Freiherrlich Von Lipperheide'schen Kostümbibliothek (repr. 1963), no. 105a, p.706.

Summary Note

Text and plates describe the dress of ancient Egyptians, Greeks, 'Nations barbares', Hebrews, Romans, Etruscans, Latins and Samnites. Most images are taken from statues or bas-reliefs; some, from coins.


The title page is inscribed in ink, 'Presented to the Library by Henry Howard 1795.' and 'Sec R.A. Feb 1846' [this probably refers to Henry Howard, R.A., Secretary of the Royal Academy 1811-1847]. The front pastedown is inscribed in pencil, 'T.U.' [probably referring to Thomas Uwins, R.A., librarian of the Royal Academy 1844-55].

Binding Note

18th-century white vellum; a spine-label appears to have been removed.


Dresses - Costume - Clothing and dress - Antiquities - Sculpture - Egypt - Greece - Italy - Rome - Mediterranean Region - Black Sea Region - Israel - History
Art history - Germany - 18th century
Pictorial works - Germany - 18th century


Georg Heinrich Martini, editor
Henry Howard RA, previous owner, donor?
Jan Balzer, engraver
Johann Joachim Winckelmann, draughtsman
Michael Keyl, engraver
Frères Walther, publisher