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Il Torneo Di Bonaventura Pistofilo Nobile Ferrarese Dottor Di Legge E Cavaliere Nel Teatro Di Pallade dell'ordine Militare, et Accademico. All' Illmo. Sig. Michelangelo Baglioni Marchese Di Morcone.

Bonaventura Pistofilo

RA Collection: Book

Record number




In Bologna: per il Ferrone. Co¯ Licenza de' Supri., M.DCXXVII.

Physical Description

[16], 555, [1] p., engr. t.pl., port.: 117 illus.; 226 mm. (Quarto.)

General Note

Pages 190, 191 are misnumbered as 288, 289; pp. 262, 263 are misnumbered as 260, 261.


[Half-t.] - Origine Del Teatro di Pallade (by Franciscus Bedorius) - [Engr. t.pl., dedic., port.] - [Two poems in praise of the author and his portrait] - A' Cavalieri Lettori - Tavola Delle materie, che nella presente Opera si contengono - Imprimatur - [Text] - [Colophon].

Responsibility Note

The engraved title-plate is signed as made by Coriolanus (i.e. G.B. Coriolano). The portrait of Bonaventura Pistophilus is signed as engraved by 'T.K.' (?).

The illustrations are unsigned.

The publisher/bookseller is named more fully in the colophon: 'In Bologna - Presso Clemente Ferroni. M.DC.XXVI. Con Licenza de' Superiori.'

The work is dedicated by Bonaventura Pistofilo to Michelangelo Baglioni Marchese Di Morcone.


J.T. Spike, Italian Masters of the Seventeenth Century (1981), 41 (= vol. 19:1 of The Illustrated Bartsch, ed. W. Strauss (1978-)).

Summary Note

The engraved title-plate incorporates an image of Pallas with an armorial device and two lions. The second plate shows a portrait of Bonaventura Pistophilus. Most illustrations show the use of the lance; some show the use of sword or dagger. The work is also decorated with head- and tail-pieces and initials.


The front pastedown carries the 19th-century armorial bookplate and motto 'En Avant' of 'Augustus De Pugin' (i.e. Augustus W.N. Pugin).
Purchased for RA Library in 1869 (see 'Library Report for the year 1869', RA Annual Report, Appendix No. 6, p. 27.

Binding Note

17th-century white vellum; spine inscribed in ink, 'Torneo di Pistofilo'.


Tournaments - Jousts - Lances - Weapons - Spears (weapons) - Swords - Martial arms - Costume - Italy - Emilia Romagna - Bologna - History - 17th century
Manuals - Instructional materials - Italy - 17th century
Pictorial works - Italy - 17th century