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Icones Livianæ: Præcipuas Romanorum Historias Magno Artificio Ad Vivum Expressas oculis repræsentantes, succinctis Versibus illustratæ: per Philippum Lonicerum.

RA Collection: Book

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(Impressum Francofurti Ad Moenum: Per Georgium Corvinum, Et hæredes Vuigandi Galli.), Cum gratia & privilegio Cæsareæ Maiest. M. D. LXXII.

Physical Description

[6] p., 103, [1] f.: 103 illus.;150×175 mm. (Oblong quarto.)

General Note

Signatures: A-Z[4], a-c[4], d[3]. The 103 numbered leaves each carry text and illustration on the recto. All versos are blank, except that of A2 (the dedication). Leaf IIII is misnumbered as III.


[T.p., dedic.] - [Illustrations with texts] - [Colophon].

Responsibility Note

Several illustrations are signed 'IA', i.e. Jost Amman.

The work is dedicated by Philippus Lonicerus to Sigismundo Feyerabend, Bibliopolæ.


I. O'Dell, Jost Ammans Buchschmuck-Holzschnitte fur Sigmund Feyerabend (1993); J.S. Peters, ed., The Illustrated Bartsch 20 (Part 1) (2) ... German Masters Of The Sixteenth Century Jost Amman: Intaglio Prints and Woodcuts (1985), p.346-98.

Summary Note

The publication-date of 1572 is carried by the title page; but the colophon carries the date of 1573.

Each numbered leaf carries on its recto an almost full-page illustration and a short text stating the book of Livy which it illustrates, a statement of the subject, four lines of verse above the print and four lines of verse below it. The books of Livy which are illustrated are nos. 1 (leaves 1-15) 2 (l. 16-25), 3 (l. 26-31), 4 (l. 32-34), 5 (l. 35-38), 6 (l. 39-42), 7 (l. 43-50), 8 (l. 51, 52), 9 (l. 53), 10 (l. 54), 16 (l. 55), 18 (l. 56), 20 (l. 57), 21 (l. 58-61), 22 (l. 62-65), 23 (l. 66-69), 24 (l. 70-73), 25 (l. 74-76), 26 (l. 77-81), 27 (l. 82, 83), 30 (l. 84-88), 31 (l. 89), 32 (l. 90), 33 (l. 91), 36 (l. 92), 37 (l. 93, 94), 38 (l. 95, 96), 39 (l. 97), 40 (l. 98-101), 45 (l. 102, 103).

In addition to the 103 numbered prints, the title page carries an engraved border, the dedication carries an engraved portrait of Sigismundud Feierabend and the colophon carries the printer's engraved device of 'Georg Rab Weigand Han Erb Sigmund Feierabent'.


The front pastedown is inscribed in ink, 'Henry White Close Lichfield, March 2d. 1805' and in pencil, 'S.A.H.', i.e. S.A. Hart, librarian of the Royal Academy 1864-81. The front loose endpaper is inscribed in ink, 'd.d. J.W. Hughes, M.A.'

Copy Note

The rear pastedown carries an unsigned pencil drawing of the draped arm and upper body of a woman. The lowest part of the title page has been lost and a substitute paper has been pasted in.

Binding Note

18th-century calf; rebacked in 1993 by A. Wessely, spine lettered 'Lonicerus - Icones Livianae'.

Name as Subject


Romans - Italy - Rome - Mediterranean Region - History
Narrative art - Germany - 16th century
Pictorial works - Germany - 16th century


Sigmund Feyerabend, dedicatee
Georg Rab, printer
Jost Amman, draughtsman, engraver
Philipp Lonicer
Anthony Wessely, binder
Henry White, previous owner
J. W. Hughes, previous owner