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I Monumenti Dell'Egitto E Della Nubia Disegnati Dalla Spedizione Scientifico-Letteraria Toscana In Egitto Distribuiti In Ordine Di Materie Interpretati Ed Illustrati Dal Dottore Ippolito Rosellini Direttore Della Spedizione Professore Di Lettere Storia E Antichità Orientali Nell'I. E R. Università Di Pisa Membro Ordinario Dell'Istituto D'Archeologia E Corrispondente Di Varie Accademie D'Europa Tomo Primo Monumenti Storici (Tomo Secondo Monumenti Civili) (Tomo Terzo Monumenti Del Culto)

Ippolito Rosellini author draughtsman

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Ippolito Rosellini, author, draughtsman


Pisa: Presso Niccolò Capurro E C., M D CCC XXX II. (M D CCC XXX IV.) (M D CCC XL IV.)

Physical Description

3 vols.; 714 mm. (Broadsheet.)

General Note

Vol. I: [10] p., 169 [i.e. 174] pl. (There are quinquies pl. 64.) - Vol. II: [6] p., 135 pl. - Vol. III: [6] p., 86 pl.


Vol.1. [Half-title, t.p., dedic.] - Indice Delle Tavole Di Questo Primo Volme - [Plates]. - Vol. II: [Half-t., t.p.] - Indice Delle Tavole Di Questo Secondo Volume - [Plates]. - Vol. III: [Half-t., t.p.] - Indice Delle Tavole Di Questo Terzo Volume - [Plates].

Responsibility Note

Most plates are signed by draughtsmen and engravers, but usually by initial only. Draughtsmen were 'R', 'Rosel.', 'Ros.' (i.e. Ippolito or Gaetano Rosellini or Alessandro Ricci?), 'A' (i.e. Giuseppe Angelelli?), 'C' (i.e. Salvador Cherubini?) and sometimes their work is signed as after 'Lhx' or 'L' (i.e. Nestor Lhote or Lehoux?), 'D' (Alexandre Duchesne?) or 'B' (Antoine Bibent?). Engravers were 'A', 'M', 'G', 'D', 'C.V.', C. Lasinio, or 'P' - or were directed by Lasinius fil., Rossi or 'R', or Gatti.

The work is dedicated by Ippolito Rosellini to Leopoldo II, Granduca di Toscana.


I. Rosellini, The Monuments of Egypt, ed. F. Serino (2003); A. Siliotti, Egypt lost and found: explorers and travellers (1998); E. Bresciani et al., Bilderwelten und Weltbilder der Pharaonen (1995); F. Beaucour et al., Discovery of Egypt (1990); Il Nilo sui lungarni: Ippolito Rosellini , egittologo dell' ottocento, ed. M. Cristina Guidotti [exhibition catalogue] (1982).

For the influence of ancient Egyptian art in Europe a survey was Egyptomania [exhibition catalogue] (1994).

Summary Note

These three volumes of plates were published to accompany nine volumes of text - five on Egyptian history, three on everyday life and one (published posthumously) on religion.

Ippolito Rosellini was a close friend of the French Egyptologist Champollion, and in 1827 he petitioned the Grand Duke of Tuscany, Leopoldo II, to send him with a Tuscan Expedition to Egypt, to accompany the French Expedition led by Champollion. The members of the Spedizione Scientifico-Letteraria Toscana In Egitto were Ippolito Rosellini, Giuseppe Angelelli (draughtsman), Alessandro Ricci (doctor and draughtsman), Gaetano Rosellini (engineer and architect), Giuseppe Raddi (naturalist), Gaetano Galastri (assistant naturalist) and Salvador Cherubini. They arrived in Egypt in August 1828, and returned to Italy at the end of 1829, bringing with them a collection of antiquities which would form the core of the Egyptian Museum in Florence.

Many plates have been wholly or partly coloured by hand - in Volume I plates 16-19, 24, 26-8, 41, 63, 64, 79-86, 100-03, 109, 110, 118, 145, 146, 155-60; in Volume II almost all plates; in Volume III plates 1, 16, 58, 59, 65-70, 74, 78.

Binding Note

19th-century half purple morocco, purple cloth-covered boards; spine lettered 'I Monumenti Dell'Egitto Rosellini Tomo I. (-III.)'.

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Antiquities - Architecture - Sculpture - Bas-reliefs - Paintings - Mural painting and decoration - Monuments - Art, Egyptian - Egypt - History
Italians - Expeditions - Egypt - Description and travel - History - 19th century
Decorative arts - Egyptian Revival - Europe - 19th century - Sources
Art history - Views - Plans - Italy - 19th century
Pictorial works - Hand coloring - Italy - 19th century


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